COMING SOON From Blackbox

As a major follow up to our very successful BN2 Islander Aircraft comes the all new BN-2T Turboprop !

We Believe we have the best Turboprop simulation available after our experiences with the Shorts Regional Series so Now you can have an Accurate rendition of the Rolls Royce Model 250 B17 Engines…
The Various Airframes are modelled and you will get a good variety of Civilian and Military flying…

We are Including the BN-2T-4S “Defender” In several guises…
Also the BN2T Civilian model in various Liveries…
There are also AL.1 and AL.2 Variants and an ASTOR with the AEW Bubble nose :slight_smile:

Were pushing for a release between the Middle and end of July 2024


Interesting. I enjoy the BN2 and BN2A, so this might be one to consider seriously. I wonder how different it will be other than being faster and maybe having a more extended range.

interesting but i am more concerned about this releasing with the same problems with gps that the shorts has. sadly i requested assistance via the dev’s support email a while back and not only does the problem still exist but i never even received a response. probably waiting this one out until older issues are addressed

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Which GPS units will be supported in this new plane?

You have no need to worry :slight_smile:

GTN750 Free or Purchased
Also Garmin Gi 275 Flight instrument suite :slight_smile:

BETA SCREENSHOT ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !



Is this coming with improved textures in the cockpit or is it the same as the Islander?

Fantastic! Would that include the TDS unit, as well as the PMS50 one?


No they will be Unedited ■■■■■■ old Lo Res FSX textures


Perfect - love the nostalgia!

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Full glass cockpit uhh? I hope it doesn’t modify default gauges like the BN2’s KAP140 did :joy:

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No it does not

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Very cool, really looking forward to this!

Great news!! Maybe you can give the interior and exterior texture a little more wear and tear since for my taste look way to clean :wink:

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Will it have failures? Even just breaking the engine. If you claim you have the best turboprop simulation it would be really cool if we were actually able to cause engine damage by misusing it.


The Islander thread is 3+ years of us pointing out pretty obvious flight model issues (as verified by the manufacturer’s FCOM) which were never addressed. Things like the aircraft pitching down when flaps are extended, and requiring full elevator deflection just to get the aircraft to rotate on takeoff (with the correct speed/trim criteria).

Any chance these things will be addressed since you have a new variant coming out (bearing in mind that we were previously told that the above issues were supposedly “fixed” in version 2.1 of the Islander, which ended up not being true at all)?

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What is the support for MSFS2024 going to look like for this aircraft (and other Blackbox aircraft for that matter)?

I reckon you can probably expect a direct brain interface virtual reality, if the AI didn’t win first. :rofl:

Haha, that’ll teach me not to proof read.

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