Coming soon to a G1000 near you

This seemed like the next logical step after the tweaks I shared for hardware brightness control. I’m not releasing it yet because I want it to be it in a PFD setup menu similar to the one a real G1000 has, but that’s missing from the sim entirely so I have to create one from scratch.

But soon.


Drat! I hoped you might be talking about the missing Altitude control on the Baron 58! :wink:


Haha. Maybe after I fix the things that are broken for everyone. :smiley:


That’s more than fair… thanks for working on improving Flight Sim!

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So while your at it, can you fix the bonanza A36 to turnoff synthetic vision like the 172? Can I do that myself?

This looks great. Thanks!

Where exactly do you share this?

ahh An expert , i have only 1 question , when i activate an approach, the G1000 rubberbands back to the point behind me , how on earth do i tell the g1000 to skip it and continue to the next part of the leg , i tried direct flight to point but when i arrived it still went back to the old one …

The code is still very buggy in the Asobo Gx00 series avionics, there is nothing you can do at the moment other than wait and hope they fix it soon.

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Looking forward to try this!

The buggy G1000 and autopilot code is a known issue.

Check it out

I just had a quick look, and this seems to doable pretty easily. If you look in the panel.xml file for your aircraft (eg, in this case, Packages/Official/OneStore/asobo-aircraft-bonanza-g36/SimObjects/Airplanes/Asobo_Bonanza_G36/panel/panel.xml in your FS install directory) you’ll find a line that says


Either change that to False, or just delete the line entirely, and you should lose synthetic vision. This is also something that could be controlled through the menu system, but I have no idea where that would be and I don’t have a G1000 simulator, so someone would need to show me at some point. :smiley:

I haven’t explored these devices enough yet to know if that kind of logic is contained in the displays or if it’s (like I suspect) a deeper part of the aircraft that would take more work to fix.

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Actually, I take that back. I’ve just had a look at a G1000 manual and if this image is correct, and it’s just part of the PFD submenu, it’ll be real easy to add a control for that. I’ll make a TODO for that, see if I can do that after I get the brightness working.

(I have top-level PFD config menu created and tied to the MENU key correctly, I just need to get the selectors for brightness controls into it. I’m going to get back to that when I’m done with work today and hopefully should have something ready to share within the next couple days.)


My solution is to activate the approach before reaching the first waypoint of the approach. As stated already, the Gx000 are still quite buggy. Direct-to in the approach (and iirc also in arrival and departure) are not possible atm.

Autopilot is buggy too. Example: if you leave altitude armed, even with the AP toggled off, it makes the SR22 impossible to control on approach. You need to manually turn off ALT and NAV, which magically kills Flight Director too, even though the FD button was set to off in the first place. :thinking:

Once I figured this out it’s been smooth sailing… er… flying.

Very definitely a bug though…

I switch off the FD anyway when flying by hand, since it’s lateral mode is not working at all with AP disengaged (bug report already submitted).

Give me my missing ENG page and I’ll be happy! :smiley: