Commercial AI other than A320's and 748i's

Hi there, has anyone managed to get AI traffic installed other than A320’s and 748i’s? I have been playing with UTLive models, and can get them to appear in the sim (as if you were able to fly them) but can’t get them to show up as AI.

I am using the flightplans/aircraft.txt files that the A320 and 748 default models use, which you can find (after decompiling) the Airtraffic.bgl file in the folder \Official\OneStore\fs-base-ai-traffic\scenery\world\traffic

I also tried with the IVAO model set, and set my sim to AI-Offline and 100% Aircraft ground traffic and 100% airliner AI air traffic, but still no go, so a bit stumped as to what to try next. Thanks!

Edited to add: I have multiplayer turned off, and have renamed all the IVAO models to IsAirTraffic to 1 and note that the sim is reading the community folder that the IVAO models are in, as I changed one of the models to IsUserSelectable to 1, and it shows up in the aircraft selection menu under “Others”

I have an issue with not having the 787 or 748i show up as ai. I have live traffic off. Ai set too 80 percent airliners and 50% ga. I have seen the A330 at the gates it’s a static aircraft I think.