Commissioned Airport/Scenery Request?

Hi all. Not sure if this is in the correct section, but I was wondering if anyone knows of good MS2020 community dev’s willing to do a paid gig. I just need a small runway and some surrounds thrown together for me in an area near where I live. I just don’t have the time to learn how to do it properly and I want a half decent job done. I have all the details ready to go.

I’d actually like to know this too. I’m patiently waiting for KCVG and/or KLUK to show up in MSFS, but it isn’t there yet. KCVG is certainly a much larger airport than what it sounds like you want, but curious to find out what it would cost me. KLUK is a lot smaller.

If it’s a real place you could request it here

If you want something relatively basic it doesn’t take long, it’s the noodly details like car parks and fences that eats the time.

Let me know what it is and I’ll see if I’ve got time for it.

To do every inch of somewhere large from top to bottom is probably 50-70 hours.

A runway and a few buildings and not much more would be an hour or less.

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@PinkPanteees sorry to go slightly off-topic, but could you recommend any resources for getting started in scenery building? Thanks.

Check out Flying Theston youtube channel


Flyign Theston is great. I’ve also learnt a lot from bennyboy444 on youtube -

I’ve probably had more solutions from this forum than anywhere else but - has many people doing the same thing even if many a thread seems to sit there and do nothing.

I can’t really think of anywhere else that I’ve consulted. Most of it has been trial and error.

If there’s anything particular you want to know I may not know it but I might be worth asking.

I find it’s fastest and easiest to run straight at something, have it fall apart around you and then improvise your way out.


That’s great thanks for the info. It was the part of your post that mention which parts take the most time that caught my eye. Do they take time because you have to design them in blender or is it just because there are a lot of them?

I’m useless at modelling so I don’t do that. I really need to learn it. Unless someone gives me a model everything I use is available as a ready item in the SDK.

The time is in placing things and getting them right. This for instance

All of those concrete posts are flowerpots turned upside down. You also have to detach them from the ground so you can control the height and also flip them. The airport isn’t level so each one has to be tweaked.

On the multi storey car park the surfaces aren’t solid so every car has to be individually raised and the height gotten right.

Then there’s painting ground markings, getting the aprons with the right amount of opacity, falloff and fit etc etc.

If you have to do some terraforming then that can often make another area unusable so you have to play around and balance things until it settles down.

If it was just a runway and a few aprons that’s a rapid throwdown. It’s the noodly stuff that eats time. Not sure anyone else cares. I do.

I can see it’s a real labour of love. You’ve made a great job of it.

The subsequent fun outweighs the grind.

If all someone wanted was somewhere with a runway, some hangars, some aprons, a taxi system and didn’t care about anything else, or the surroundings were already fine or didn’t need any other tweaking, that’s probably a 20-40 minute task.

I assume the developers allowed 5-15 minutes per standard airport when they were making it.

An airport production line!

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To clarify, I have a property on an island in a particular location in Australia. Just want it modelled with a runway so I can fly to it in fantasy land. I usually fly to the main public airport in real life but my property is a 40-50 min drive from there.

That shouldn’t be a big task at all. Let us know where the island is at and what the configuration of the runway should be (heading, length, width, material, markings, lighting, etc.).