Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

I was surprised to find there is no single topic dedicated to locating all of the current community improvement mods to the default MSFS aircraft so decided it would help me (and hopefully others) to locate all of the available community improvements mods and compile them in one thread. If you have any to add please comment below as I very well may have missed some of them!

Airbus A320:

Airbus H135 Helicopter:

Boeing 747:

Boeing 787:

Bonanza G36:

Cessna 152:

Cessna 172:

Cessna 182T:

Cessna C208:

Citation CJ4:

Citation Logitude

Diamond DA40:

Diamond DA62X:

Diamond HK36TC:

Discus 2b Glider:

DR 400 Dauphin:

EA-7 Edgley Optica:

Extra 33LT X:


Icon A5:

King Air 350:

Lockheed Martin F-22A Raptor:

Savage Carbon:

TBM 930:

X Cub:
Bush League Legends - X Cub