Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

I found this thread for the mods but where the hell did the threads go for liveries? … (?)

For the Workingtitle mods I suggest to link to their main mod page instead of a specific version to download.
E.g. the G1000 mod linked here is NOT compatible with the most recent version (v0.3.2 is the fixed one).

Please link to the main repo which contains a table with the most recent download versions:


Nexus Mods also hosts a gazillion of mods for other games. Their traffic is huge and costly. It’s only a speed limit and for most FS mods it is more than enough.

Are the working title guys reading this, if so, I would have as question/request for them: is it planned/possible to add Airways to the G3000 of the TBM?


If you post in the correct thread of that mod, they surely will read it:

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  1. I thought i would add this thread NEOFLY another excellent mod that allows you to have a career mode in MSFS 2020 Its FREE aswell, gives purpose to flying around.

Edit added Mods link from

  1. Another helpful mod just adding to save having multiple posts, Quick ILS lookup has most major airports/GA , also runs outside of msfs2020 so not dependent on version updates of MSFS 2020
  1. ATC chatter for MSFS 2020 real audio clips licenced via LiveATC
    Another great addon, Free Version ONLY has US ( 400 samples) , (7000+ in paid version US alone 24000+ world)… but free ver great with new US update. Link below :

FS-ATC-Chatter • Flight Simulator 2020

FS-ATC-Chatter Overview – Stick and Rudder Studios


  1. Adding to list another plugin Free Community Mod [Littlenavmap] - Flight Planner currently being migrated to MSFS 2020 by developer, in Beta currently ver 2.6.4. One to follow and watch…

Alex Projects - Little Navmap (

github link

Releases · albar965/littlenavmap · GitHub

Edit adding MSFS Thread for Little Navmap:


Could you please update the DA62 link?


What this man said ^^

Actually, could you just like both forums posts or from Im no longer uploading to nexus just to streamline everything


why are you not upload the full vision of the DA62 ?
if any new user may can’t use it !

why it from 140M to 1M ?

be happy 140th the size

Correct, this update is only 1/140th the experience of my previous version
ive also removed the bitcoin miner for this update


I’ve updated the thread to include the links. I had all of the forum links in this thread initially but removed them as requested by a few people due to the thread being cluttered. Thank you!

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Does this mean that I can only put this 1M content into the community? Can the contents of 140M be deleted?

you have to keep the old files and have Frozen 2 in your DVD drive

I prefer the Ice Age.


For “finished” packages at least I hope sites like or would be my preferred place as well. I am old fashioned and these two have been around for almost as long as I have been using FS :wink:

But I do understand that some of these projects would need to be updated so often that the file library guys would soon ask for a raise :smiley:

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There is the key word … “Finished

Modding MSFS is never “Finished” - not while there are enthusiastic Modders that are constantly adding and improving their Mods, as MSFS changes and evolves.

Maybe in a year or 2, some modes will be determined to be “Finished”, but that is not going to happen soon – unless a Modder just arbitrarily stops doing any further improvements, and keeping their Mod, up-to-date with a constantly changing & evolving MSFS,


Love it!!! Savage Cub and XCub are the best planes in this game IMHO :smirk:

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