Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

might want to add the heavy division 787 project,


A WARNING for members trying to download files, fixes or mods from some of this places. Some of these mods end up in msfsaddons and when trying to download they mislead you very smartly with big buttons and pages to get to the file you want, they want you to install extesions to your browser, like Smartprice, or other apps like File converter, or OSdriver, etc. Who knows what else they install behind your back, well I chose to be without the file in question rather than keep accepting garbage to get to the file I wanted. Beware


Well, is SO full or ads that it’s really hard to find the correct download button (which usually is not linking to an app or so).
With all what’s loaded on this website, I also try to avoid it entirely. They captured some initial gap in availability of mods websites for MSFS but since then aggressively modified it for max ad revenue with even possibly malicious content when following the ad links.


Yup. I have avoided them since September, actually. I’ve heard they were using ways to steal mods from other sites. I only use a few besides

Please note this thread is for cataloguing aircraft mods only.

Posts that vary from this are liable for deletion without notice.

This thread is not a discussion thread.

The previous few posts do have some merit from a community point of view but please keep the posts strictly to the topic at hand.

Many thanks for your cooperation.


TBM mod from guifarias31 can be removed, as it is discontinued - mixMugz is the follow-on project


I would appreciate some collective ratings of each one, so I know which are worth looking into.

I’d like to submit our Airbus H135.


Hey, currently using this Extra 330 LT mod you might wanna add to your list as the default flight model is pretty bad to say the least.

I can’t add the link but its on

Extra 330LT X flight model mod by PaulFalke

Mod edit: Link added

Edit: So, i tried to do some of my own tweaking to the flight model to come out with better handling, more snappy behaviour for aerobatic maneuvers along with less overshoot. I think it handles much better than the default FM.


F22 mod here: F-22 Project (Working) - #325 by evanburnsdev

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Enjoy my 2nd Aircraft. Please at it to the list.

EA-7 Edgley Optica | Aerosoar | Freeware:


Very interesting aircraft, had to look that one up to make sure it was real. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet but have downloaded it and added it to the list. Thanks!

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Here are two powerfull members of the short take-off and landing capable Skyhawk built on a Lycoming 210HP STC family :

They are 3d model & flight model patches over Asobo C172 G1000 and add new planes to your hangar


I have wondered the same thing about having to move everything out of the community folder every time msfs updates. So far, all mods have worked by simply copying the zipped folders into the community folder. Which is not easy to dig down to, by the way.

Just rename your folder … takes eeeeeeeh 3 secconds and if you want create an empty one ( another 5 secs )

Or use a mod manager … one click to “remove “ mods

You don’t even need to create the empty one, MSFS will do that when you start it.


I use one of the mod managers, that only move the mods that you want to use in the next flight into the community folder when you want them there. Saves on load time, too. There are a couple of good ones over at


Useful tips re. mod managers/community folder.

However, lets get back to keeping this thread as a catalogue of aircraft mods rather than any discussion surrounding such mods or how to effectively use them. Other threads can be created and/ or used for questions/hints/tips for such matters.

Thanks all!