Community Aircraft Mods Megathread

Could you update the Bonanza Turbo link? It’s on V2 now :

Can the op update this thread? Are these mods compatible with the current patch? Also, either post a link to the github or the forum post for the mod please, multiple links for the same mod make this an eyesore.

G3000 mod released by the same team that develops the CJ4 and G1000 mods:


This thread lists some of the well-known, proven mods for default aircraft. The OP cannot monitor each one of those. Before downloading, you can check the latest release with the individual developers github/page.


Sorry I’ve been trying my best to keep up with the updates but as the list grows this becomes more difficult. I’ve also been out of town the past few weeks due to a death in the family. Once I return I will try and make a better effort in keeping it up to date. I’ve also removed the forum posts as requested.


No need to make an apology… we all have lives away from this forum and/or sim.

Sorry for your loss, and best wishes to you and your family.


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No rush. This is just a hobby/leisure time.

What you are doing is really useful but Real Life stuff must come first.

Cheers :relaxed:

God’s work.

Yall devs are doing God’s work!

Meanwhile, WASI layer function has been implemented. C++ has entered the chat. Don’t ask me anything cause I am an idiot when it comes to these things but all I know is C++ is OP but shouldn’t be nerfed, ever!

Genuinely sorry to hear that. My sincere condolences. I’ve already lost 7 family members in the past 3 months to Covid :frowning:


Anyone know if the update broke any of these mods?

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Oh my God! I’m so deeply sorry to hear that.

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Synthetic Vision and FMS In G1000/G3000/CJ4 Mods are partially broken atm.

A320 is broken, too. Already known by FBW.

GNS530 is working perfect! Just tested a flight from KAPV to KMDT. But the darn thunderstorms are still there :wink:

Please keep it polite in here. :smile:

1 Like So ground handling feels different in the caravan. I did have the caravan improvement mod active. Not sure if its the mod but the plane just seems really jumpy on the ground.
Anyone else having this issue?

GNS 530, G1000 and G3000 mods already fixed for 1.10.7 and available on github. Presume that CJ4 is also imminent. Not sure if B 787 mod is affected. A3nx has several issues so might take a little more.


I found this thread for the mods but where the hell did the threads go for liveries? … (?)

For the Workingtitle mods I suggest to link to their main mod page instead of a specific version to download.
E.g. the G1000 mod linked here is NOT compatible with the most recent version (v0.3.2 is the fixed one).

Please link to the main repo which contains a table with the most recent download versions:


Nexus Mods also hosts a gazillion of mods for other games. Their traffic is huge and costly. It’s only a speed limit and for most FS mods it is more than enough.