Community folder cannot find

I have tried and tried to log onto the community folder but cannot find it. I have tried all of the guides on the net including using the developers’ section on the sim but with a total lack of success. Any help welcome preferably in simple non technical language

Doubt click the drive where your MSFS was installed. Example - C : then search Microsoft Flight Simulator at the top right corner search column. Wait for the results, usually 1-2 minutes. Normally you click the first one which is “Microsoft Flight Simulator” then you’ll find the package folder and then click into the folder then you’ll see community folder. That’s it. Hope this can help.:thinking::wink:

Thanks for the replies. I still cannot find the community folder but as I have found another solution to the problem I will give it up as a bad job for the moment. What I cannot understand is why they have made it so difficult to locate. Surely a simple choice on the General section would be easier?