Community Folder - Simpler path when creating your own directory?

Hi, I’m returning healthy again after being away for about 10 months.
I just tried to find an answer on this question on here but couldn’t.

I did a fresh install and see it installed a part of the sim is in a directory called C:/XBox Games that the install software created on its own. When I got farther into the install process I was able to change the location to a directory I created called C:/FS2020. (Not for any particular reason but after seeing the Xbox Games directory being used for some of the installation and wasn’t sure if I did something incorrectly).

I haven’t installed any add on’s yet but found the empty Community Folder simply under C:/FS2020. Am I looking at the right folder because the path (if it is the right one) is so much simpler.

Thanks in advance for any and all clarity on this!

Go to

In notepad open file named usercfg.opt

Please note that the last line in this file is also the path to the community folder.


My FS2020 is installed on my D: drive.
Ignore the Rolling Cache that I stored there.

Yes, you are looking in the right folder. The initial ‘XBOX’ directory is for the ‘Client’ files and subsequent folder (you chose as C:\FS2020) is where the ‘main’ MSFS files such as scenery, airports, airplanes, >the Community folder< etc… will go.

Wishing you good health for the future and happy flying.

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A big thank you to all of you for your assistance and best wishes.

I’m happily flying again and really enjoying all of the improvements!

Yes you are, while i also have contents buried away in my apps folder my main directory is F:/MSFS and my community is under that so F:/MSFS/Community/

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