Community Folder & Soft links

I’ve seen that AerosoftOne and some other 3P devs create soft links to the airports in communities folder which is a good thing as I will not have to move Gbs of content to empty it every time there is a SU or WU. My questions are

  1. How do I remove these to empty the community folder - I assume it will be just deleting that like onw will delete a shortcut
  2. How do I re create them after doing the SU or WU - will it be the standard way one creates shortcut in Windows?

Best answer is to use an add-on linker that does all this for you and you can add/remove by ticking a box. An example is here:

I;m sure others are available though. This thing is a life saver.

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or if you don’t want to use it … what about to rename the Community folder before updating ? :wink:

I’m at a loss to understand the reluctance to move the community folder contents to a temporary folder; it takes a tiny fraction of the time it takes to download an update.

I once made a copy of my whole packages folder (due to a problem unrelated to the sim) and it took about five minutes.

I use Addon Linker so that I can store all my addons on my D: drive, saving a ton of space on my C: drive.


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