Community mod folder and mod accessed questions

Can someone confirm for me because I am a big ■■■■■ but when I download a mod and put it in my Community folder that means that the mod will be used, correct? If I remove it from the community folder then the mod will not be loaded because all the info concerning the mod is gone.

  1. What if I download a mod on a city but I don’t fly to that city is the mod still loaded and then accessed when I fly to that city or loaded no matter what?
  2. Is there something out there that could tell me what mods are “running”?
  3. Should my community folder only contain the mods I plan to use on my trip + the mods I use no matter what? Is that why a ModManger is important to use?
  4. Anyone have a 3070/3080/3090 I can borrow to test :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone!

Yeah if you put a mod in your community, MSFS will try to load it.

To your questions:

  1. It will get read by MSFS at startup, but not loaded in game until you get close to that city/scenery/airport
  2. Not sure about what’s “running”, do you mean loaded? If so, the SDK can tall you that
  3. You can load it either way, it only seems to impact startup times. I load all 611 mods every time, bc I fly all over the place. If I’m testing something, I use a mod manager to remove everything else.
  4. Nope, still with a 2080.
  1. It really depends if the sim code is clever enough to only load the needed mods. It seems load times are getting affected by “too many mods” but FPS are not.
  2. yes, mods appear under your content manager.
  3. Big debate about that. Many people (myself included) will agree you should only have the relevant ones enabled, for all the obvious reasons.
  4. :frowning:

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