Community or Not Community

Stupid question of the day…why given the “importance” of the Community folder why would they make the game have two?

There is one buried deep (usually on c: drive) and then a more “accessible” one near the “official” folder.

Both appear to be the place to put custom files.

Just random question.


I would like to install Air Force One 747, from Nexus. I can only find one Community folder and it seems to be the wrong one.

There is only one. It is in your app data folder. That is the one to use.

The others buried in the drive outside the appdata are image files and are only used for indexing and basically “link” to the actual editable folders.

The Air Force One is a liverie, not a full plane so once you place the files you select the 747 and then the liveries tab. I have it and it works.