Communityfolder mess

Is there an oportunity to make foldes and subfolders in the Communityfoler to sort for example the liverys from the Airports? Because if I do that, the sim doesn’t detect them…

You kinds answered your own question…

That’s not possible. It has to be a specific way because of load order.

What you can do is try one of the mod linker (do a search for them, don’t know them out of my head), this can organize your folder a bit


It would be nice if they looked down one layer, so we could organize stuff, but they don’t.

You can rename the add-in folders though. I rename them with categories, in all caps in front of the original names…like…

PAY-yyyy … for pay addins I’ve bought

WORKING TITLE-xxx … for WT addins

BUSH-xxxx … for bush airports addins.

Then sort by name and it’s kinda like folders. Not perfect but some organization.

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You can do all that with the tool above. You can create a folder structure with subfolders, save individual presets etc.
I have my files sorted by Continent/Country/Region. You can also make a folder structure for specific aircraft and liveries if you like and just activate what you need at the moment. Very neat tool.

That explanation doesn‘t make any sense. How would put everything into a flat hierarchy preserve / establish any „load order“ in the first place?

@Steeler2340, because things in the community are loaded into the sim in alphabetical order, and if you have mod #2 that needs mod #1 to be loaded first, and that’s not done properly, it could cause issues.

@BufordTX, this is also a potential problem spot for your suggestion as well.

All in all, I’m in complete concurrence with @EvidencePlz, get and use Addons Linker or something that has identical functionality. It also makes it easier to completely empty your Community folder in the event of unexplained CTDs, and to only load addons that are needed for whatever you’re planning to do in any given MSFS session, which will speed loading times up by not loading things that won’t be needed in that session.

All without needing to delete or even move anything. It’s a one click instantaneous solution.

Is that „a documented feature“? Or isn‘t it some side-effect/implementation detail of the way the addon loader iterates over the files in the community folder?(I know that especially system calls to enumerate files in a folder do not sort the names automatically, so if what you say is true then there must be some explicit sorting being done, I agree)?

Oh, and if dependency management would really rely on the alphabetical sorting of directory / addon names this would be indeed a very poor concept.

I’m sure that program is the most wonderful thing since sliced bread. I was just mentioning an alternative.

And you could also directly control load order with a little thought:

A-scenery FlyTmpa…
B-liveries Cool.kin…
C-mods Salty…

I don’t know if it’s a “documented feature”, if somebody at Asobo or MS decided to do it that way, or if it’s just the way it works in reality. I only even know about it in the first place because there have been instances where 3rd party aircraft modders have figured out (probably the hard way) that certain addons must be loaded in a specific order to make them work properly with each other, either because one is required to use the other, or because they’re just a common “nice to have” that are frequently used together, and shared what they learned publicly.

But it’s got nothing to do with the way the addon loader works, it simply creates shortcuts in the Community folder that are easy to turn on and off without deleting or moving things around. For those mods that need to be loaded in a specific order, it’s up to the producers to do whatever is necessary to insure that happens. That is why just renaming things is a bad idea, even though it’s likely that a large majority of addon users aren’t even aware of that.

I know I wasn’t until I read an actual addon maker commenting about it.

Is there some reason you seem to take pleasure in jumping down my throat for explaining how I understand things actually work? Hell, I could even be wrong, but it doesn’t seem that way from what I have seen. In any event, I had nothing to do with making it that way, I’m just reporting the facts as I understand them to be, and trying to be helpful.

But that doesn’t seem to be very appreciated around here.

I’m only the messenger here. No need to take shots at me.

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Yes, it is documented to a degree in the SDK, I know I read something to that effect. It’s also true due to usage.

There is actually a file that gets built when you add folders to the Community directory, so, if you never add anything to the folder, you could edit the file instead to reorder the filenames alphabetically. But, who isn’t constantly adding things and taking things away from the Community folder?

In FSX, you had to load scenery by hand using the scenery config menu, which then populated a file you could use a config editor to manage. It wasn’t constantly scanning and rebuilding the library automatically. But, companies like Orbx love to edit this file for you every so often so their stuff ends up on top, so you’d constantly have to move sceneries you wanted first back to where they belong. (they did finally add an option to stop their automatic reorder).

Hopefully, eventually Asobo will realize that, because of the structure they’ve chosen, we could easily eventually have over a thousand addons. So hopefully, they someday give us an interface, or, at least allow us to create organizing folders in the Community folder to reduce the clutter.

I too, rename all my addons by category, recognizing that some addons want to be installed last and name them accordingly. I also, once my liveries for a plane stabilize, create my own packages of multiple liveries in a package. There is a known package method that works that allows you to still test other liveries by drag and drop.

Here’s what my community folder looks like at this hour…

I’ve got a bunch of reorg to do tomorrow to add a bunch more liveries, and then repackage them… the work never ends :roll_eyes:
And then, now that the ADE alpha has been released, get back onto a couple of airports I’ve been wanting to redo, but have been holding off because I couldn’t just edit what was there, but had to rebuild the airport from scratch from the ground up (did it twice now, that’s enough).

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… let alone the end users who - for one reason or the other - start to rename their add-on folders and then are left wondering why certain add-ons stop working.

I am sorry if my comments / questions made the wrong impression. By no means did I intend to argue with anyone in this thread here, let alone to raise any criticism about comments.

I was just loudly thinking whether the alphabetically sorting was indeed meant as an „officially documented feature“ to introduce a dependency („load order“) on add-ons. Because if so, that would be a really poor (because „fragile“, „unreliable“) concept, IMHO.

The next best - and naive - thing would be unique and stable add-on „identifiers“, but that would require some „add-on registry of known add-ons“ (kept up to date by Asobo).

Another more generic concept could be to introduce „features“ like „scenery, airport, aircraft, aircraft extension for aircraft XYZ“ etc. such that an add-on could state that „I provide feature airport fuel pumps and I require that airports are loaded before me“ (or whatever makes sense).

Again, I did not mean to criticize your comments, they are very much appreciated!

They load alphabetically so using a tree would complicate it a bit

Asobo WILL HAVE TO change the community folder. People with several hundreds of addons will run riot otherwise. This folder was probebaly the most unexperienced idea of the whole sim.

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As @Steeler2340 pointed out… loading alphabettically complicates things a bit. And as Community folders grow and more addons are released, it’s going to be untenable. This can’t be the end all that they were thinking for it. Even for X-Box, DLC is a revenue generator, to have managed this so poorly can, hopefully, only be due to their development schedules being ungodly compressed.

Eventually, they’re going to need an FSX like interface for managing addons, so users can reorder things on the fly, and so stuff doesn’t get out of order, and they only need to reorder new things they install. Even better would be a link map, analyzing what’s involved with what, so order can be optimized based on some priority? Just thinking out loud.

And they’re going to have to take the Community folder out of the install process. It’s kind of ridiculous that their tools are so dumb as to not ignore the Community folder during an install and initial start after an update. It has to be a given that their code trumps all, and users will need to manage DLC. Of course, by giving developers early access, most issues can be avoided.

Hopefully, they can see that the addon community is what gives this sim life, and they are truly committed to supporting it as they’ve said they are.

And, while it’s nice they support legacy stuff for the time being, I’m fine with having to force developers to use new methods to really get stuff to work. It’s just data, any data can be converted with some effort.

It’s a shame tho because you have to rename each time there is an update for an addon

By any chance… is this the same file as here?

Eh, having used FS for years and years, not having a consistent organizing methodology causes a huge mess. And, given the massive variety of addons and the way people use them, and even think/perceive the world around them, the chance of coming up with an overarching method that works for everyone is super difficult.

I was only showing my methodology as an example, I’m not saying it’s the best. Works for me.

I don’t think so, maybe, I got most of the airliner livery packs from the clink123 stuff early on. I haven’t even updated the 747 ones to the new layout yet… yeah… sigh… so much work to keep this stuff up to date and organized.

But, thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:
(oh, geez, more work :roll_eyes:)

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Ya know, you could zip those all up and send 'em straight over, right?