đź“ŚComoros Islands


This weeks flight sees us in the Comoros Islands , an independent state comprising three of the Comoro Islands in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa, and west of Madagascar. A fourth island of the Comorian archipelago, Mayotte, is claimed by the country of Comoros but administered by France.

The Rockwell Bronco will be the choice of aircraft for this flight. If you have not already downloaded this aircraft into your sim hangar, just click on the following link and it will be yours FOR FREE!!!

On this flight, we will fly over dormant volcanoes, beautiful white sandy beaches, and 4 separate islands along the way. Of course it would not be a Gunpilot event without some idle glides and other challenges mixed in for fun.

The Rockwell Bronco is the aircraft for this flight as its ability to land and take off in very short distances will be put to test in this flight.

*Again, a packaged up WEATHER file has been developed and included along with the flight plan, negating any need for anyone to dial in weather settings, as well as ensuring that all pilots are experiencing exactly the same weather conditions. The Weather Preset file is located in #gunpilots-events (click GUNPILOT’s Server to be taken there). Extract file into your Community Folder prior to launching your sim for the flight.

When: Fri Friday 20th October @ 2300UTC


Flight Duration: Approx 3hrs (depending on numbers attending)

Aircraft: Rockwell Bronco


Discord Server: GUNPILOT’s Server . Click on this link and you will be sent a very welcoming INVITE that will enable you to fully participate in the radio chatter with all the other pilots in the flight

Voice Chat accessed by clicking on Comms Radio
(GUNPILOT’s Server ). If you are going to fly with us, ensure to join into the chatter on Comms Radio. If you don’t then you will miss out on a number of challenges that are given over the radio and you will have no idea what is going down.


Comoros Islands.pln (7.5 KB)

Coromo Islands.lnmpln (6.5 KB)

The location of where that hijacked airliner crashed in the waters just off of the beaches. About 20 years ago, I think.