Compare SPAD.NEXT and Polypot software

Has anyone used both of these programs and can give a comparison? I am using Polypot now; however, it is sometimes difficult to get it to do what I want. I guess I’m asking how difficult is

I have both and I do almost all of my configuration/programming in Pollypot.
What are you having problems with in Pollypot?

Thank you for your reply. I have only 4 modules; GF46, 2 RP48, T8. I had to move the modules to make room for my new monitor and when I hooked them up again, the GF46 will not light up. Also, I’m trying to program the GF 46 and one RP 48 to operate the autopilot of the FBW A320. I know the RP 48 buttons have to be programmed to first detect whether the altitude is in managed or manual mode and then change the mode accordingly. Same for heading and speed. However, even after using the detective, I cannot get the programming correct. I was thinking that SPAD.NEXT might be more straightforward to program; hence, my question.