Comparing Hp Reverb G2 to monitor on a 3080

Hello Pilots,

I have a setup with a 4k monitor and recently got a hp reverb g2.
I read many threads on settings for the g2.

Now, here is my question: is it normal that the quality in VR in terms or resolution and clarity is about 50% of the 4k monitor?
Have I been spoiled by the monitor?
When I am flying glass cockpit planes (a320…), instruments are very hard to read, I have to look at it straight and stay still , and sometimes even get closer. Anything outside the center is almost impossible to read. In the a320 all ceilings buttons are fairly clear, all the ones in the center console down close to throttles are impossible to read.
Not complaining, just trying to see if that is a normal experience?

Thank you !

Yes, VR headsets are not as clear and perfectly focused as monitors.
With the Reverb G2, however, I have a very good experience in terms of instruments readability. Make sure that Resolution scaling in the sim (VR section) is set to 100% and if you need more performance, rather set the resolution scale in OpenXR Developer tool to less than 100%.
The ingame setting affects the readability of the instruments much more than the external OpenXR setting.

thank you very much.
May I ask which in game settings you advice? I believe most are on medium .


You can always use reprojection and increase the resolution scale to improve visuals. The more you increase resolution the better the readability.
The other thing is called sweet spot, the area where there is more resolution. You have to get accustomed to look straight and turn your head instead of your eyes. The g2 seems to have a very small sweet spot.

Thank you. It’s not bad. I followed some recommendations. It’s just dissapointing it doesn’t have the outstanding clarity of an oled monitor… I’ll have to wait a few years

It does if you have a mega high-end rig with a 3090 GPU.

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You trade off the immersion for the monitor. But once you get used to VR, you can never go back to pancakes.


Amen to that brother. That happened to me with the DK1. Lol.

G2 owner with 3080 and a glorious g-sync monitor.

I am now mostly back to pancake mode. I fire up the G2 sometimes for a flight or two, but I go back to the monitor for longer stints.

G2 is more immersive, but I find that I am fiddling around with it more than I was actually flying. With the monitor, I just fly… that’s it. And it’s more comfortable/relaxing for me as I can alt-tab and browse youtube while on cruise.

I think its largely a personal choice. Most threads I have read on this are black and white, either you use the G2 all the time now and can’t go back, or you go back to a monitor and never use the G2.

I am running a 3090 with a i9-9900K and although its not as smooth as on my LG 3840x1600 display, its very close. I run everything at Ultra other than clouds and the resolution scaling at 100 which matches the G2 resolution.

Its so immersive and realistic, I could never go back to a monitor now. It would feel like playing a video game. It’s not perfect and for me, its best for flying props and pistons rather than the bigger stuff just due to less complexity in having to use the mouse to click on stuff which can be painful.

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Hey, my remark is really not about FPS but resolution. Everything is so sharp on a monitor and detailed. But I agree , the immersion feeling of the g2 is outstanding.
I think I might do take off and landings with G2 but cruise on screen
Also, night flights are much better on OLED IMHO.
Thank you again for sharing, I feel better that Im not alone.

I am an owner of a 3080, Reverb G2 and a 10900k.

Clarity is indeed lower on the G2 but I don’t have any issues reading the instruments and if I do I can always right click to zoom in.

If I’m flying the Airbus A32NX I do the take off and approach/landing in VR but I use the monitor for cruise phase, unless it’s a very very short flight. For smaller planes, either VFR or IFR I do the flights entirely in VR.

Have to agree that with extensive flights then the departures and arrivals in vr and then swap to monitor for the cruise phase. It’d be too much otherwise.

I totally agree with you.

Ok guys, upgraded my ram from 32 to 64 and 3080 to 3090. Night and day difference in details and FPS…

Totally agree

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