Comparison of a RL Picture from SR22 to MSFS SR 22 at similar location

OK, for comparisons sake here is a picture from a RL SR22 over Plymouth Meeting, PA compared to a screen shot from MSFS at a similar but not exact location on a clear sky day. LOD 100 for objects and terrain and 100 for screen scaling. I hope this works.
Close but not quite the same colors.


Fabulous photo! I can’t wait to see the future of MSFS.

Both pictures taken about 1700 Feet at 10 AM.
MSFS has too many trees.

That real-life pic looks too dull and washed out.

Could you ask whomever created it to fix it so it looks more vibrant and bright.

Many thanks.

Haha …love the irony. Maybe Ask God for an update to the scenery…SU45389.098

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