Compiler and other recommendations to interface with MSFS

Hi, retired COBOL programmer from the age of the Apple IIe. Now that MSFS seems to be here to stay, I’d like to make my own “complete button box” for several aircraft. 14 years ago, I learned electronics from online tutorials and hand-built this USB interface for sim-racing (Microchip, PIC BASIC Pro and VB6). Custom gaming controller demo - YouTube

I have FSUIPC7, and the latest AxisAndOhs and Linda installed. Downloading Visual Studio 2022 Community right now, including C++ module.

  • What modules do I want? (the optional list during the installation just goes on and on…)

  • What tutorials do you recommend to learn how to interact with FSUIPC7?

My goal is to be able to interact with a keyboard and every button/switch within several cockpits. I have USB keyboard PCB boards that I can use to trigger any keystroke combination (simple jump across the two banks of connectors, I’ve done this before with a PIC microcontroller and opto-couplers).

I just need to trap the keystrokes on the PC-side and trigger the proper event or update LVars (it sounds so easy :smiley: ). Asobo, for some reason that escapes me, couldn’t make keyboard assignments for every control on the airplanes.

I’d appreciate any tip on which direction to take. I’m starting with intro to C++ already.

Cheers, and have a nice day!