Completed Nevada Bush Trip, didn't receive Achievement

Hello forum, I completed the Nevada Bush Trip without using the 'Get me back on track feature on the VFR map. After completion, I did not receive the achievement. Does using the trigger on the flight control, which looks at a POI, constitute navigational aid? I don’t understand why I didn’t get the achievement. It took me three days of sessions to finish. Do all the POIs of a leg need to be passed through to count, or just departing and arriving at the leg destination air strip. Thanks! Disappointed.

I believe all the pois of the leg need to be passed over, but that may not be the problem. At least the achievement for the Balkans is broken. While Nevada worked fine for me, Patagonia did not the first time. It’s how I discovered you need to pass over the points in the legs. (At least I’m 95% sure that was the problem as I’d missed one the first time).

Either way, they said they’d be sorting it out soon. I’m hoping for the next system update. Just be aware you MAY need to fly Nevada again, but I wouldn’t worry about doing it for the achievement until they’ve said the other is fixed. I also got Nevada over a year ago, so it may be that they were all broken after that and before I did Balkans.

And lastly, using the trigger to track a POI shouldn’t matter. The second time as a time saver I used GPS the whole route on Patagonia and it didn’t affect the achievement. Presumably only using the VFR “back on track” feature does.

The problem lies with MS/Asobo. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, so that the reward is also registered.
You do not have to repeat the whole mission because of this. Whether you fly with or without GPS and autopilot also has no influence. Only the “Back on course” function may not be used.
When the next update comes, simply fly the last leg again. If you are lucky, the reward will be registered. If you are unlucky, repeat the last leg with the next update.

Greetings, Koschi,

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That was not my experience with Patagonia. I tried flying the last leg twice as suggest ed and nothing happened. When I flew the whole thing, it worked. I am suspicious that it was because I missed flying close to one of the waypoints (not an airport, as I landed at all of those). I’m relatively sure, but not 100% that the achievement flagged before I actually finished the last trip. It was while ago :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information. FWIW - The last leg on Nevada is the best leg and the most enjoyable. Descent through the canyons of the mountain.