Computer reboot problem finally resolved

Every since I installed MSFS 2020 on launch day I’ve had a reoccurring issue where my PC would power cycle/reboot whenever I tried to launch a new flight. I never had any crash logs. My PC wasn’t crashing but simply turning off and turning back on. It usually happened whenever I hit the FLY button but on rare occasions I was able to get into a flight but then it would always reboot either at some point during my flights or whenever I ended a flight. I tried dozens of fixes that I found online and nothing worked.

My PC has:
10th Gen i9 10900K 240mm AIO water cooled
RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra hybrid water cooled
64 GB DDR4 3600 RAM
750 watt PSU

After a month of trouble shooting with no luck, I finally read somewhere that I may have had a faulty PSU, so I just replaced my 750 watt PSU with a new EVGA 1200 Watt Platinum PSU. I know 1200 watts is overkill for my system but I wasn’t taking any chances. Plus at some point, I will be upgrading to the new RTX 3080, which is a major power hog, so I figured I might as well get a PSU with plenty of extra power for future upgrades.

So after installing my new PSU, I started up MSFS and flew at least a dozen different flights and never had a single reboot. I’m pretty sure my original PSU with 750 watts was plenty for power for my system, so I must have had a faulty PSU. What’s odd is that my PC never rebooted while running any other apps or any other graphics intensive games or other sims like X-Plane 11. It only rebooted when flying in MSFS 2020.

Since I’ve installed the new PSU, the sim has been running great. No stuttering, no freezing, no rebooting, and I’m averaging 35 to 50 FPS with all ultra settings. Thank God this issue is finally resolved.

Good for you! Enjoy the sim! :slightly_smiling_face:

Glad you found a solution to the issue.
Does make me wonder though how many others complaining of issue’s, is down to software or hardware issue’s with their pc’s and just being found now because MSFS pushes our pc’s a bit more and some to their limits.


Faulty Power Supplies are a frequent cause of re-boots …
They can easily deteriorate over time.

Good that you got it figured – and an oversized Power supply, running below it’s max specified power, is always a good option.

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To be fair last night I went on pcpartpicker just to build my current pc but with the 3080 card instead power usage goes from 389 watts with my current GPU RTX2070 upto 569 watts.

I have a 750watt corsair PSU hopefully that will be enough when I do decide to upgrade.

wow, I have the same problem, while flying, computer shuts down and restart ???

I Got an I7-4790 processor, 16Gb RAM and RTX2080 Ti, corsair 650W powersupply.

Dang, this is the only software/game giving me hard time, sucks so much.

Just tried it at low graphic setting and was working in the world map flight for a while but as I changed the grapkics mode to medium, computer rebooted :frowning:

I think I will have to do the same thing and get a bigger power supply.

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which windows version you use ?

Hi, Windows 10 64bit 2004 version:19041.630

My bet would be Power Supply as well. or a bad memory module

You could try running a Stress test, and slowly cranking it up, monitoring PSU, and temperatures.

Also, run a memory checker overnight…

you want give 20H2 a chance ?.. I can tell you, that my windows 2004 randomly reboots my PC, crashed, and so on… internet is full of reports and I also mentioned this already in the forum with more links. And this windows issues have nothing to do with MSFS. With 20H2 never seen such a random reboot :wink:

Please post bugcheck codes so we can track this issue.

MSFS20 causes my computer to black-screen crash (no BSOD or minidump, but bugcheck code 278) and reboot almost every time I boot it up. Usually happens in the loading menu but if it manages to survive that, <1 minute after beginning to fly.

It is NOT a PSU issue unless there are MASSIVE power spikes pushing it beyond 750W. I’ve tried multiple brand new PSUs/cables, re-sat the GFX card, tested/re-sat memory, tried different gfx driver versions / windows fresh installs and updates… etc.

No other games have this issue and I’ve ran rigorous benchmarks and load tests pushing 100% CPU and GPU for up to 30 minutes with temps only hitting ~63C on both.

The ONLY reliable workaround is to start MSFS in a tiny (480p-level) window, then after it boots, expand the window size. This is not perfect, but much more stable. True fullscreen-mode will still crash after a little while.

Zotac RTX 3070 Dual Edge OC 8GB
AMD Ryzen 5600x
32GB Corsair Vengeance 3600MHz LPX RAM
Corsair 600W SFX Gold PSU
Aorus B550i Pro AX Motherboard
1TB Samsung 970 EVO NVME SSD
Windows 10 Pro 1909

which still points to an issue with your settings or drivers… you do any kind of overcloacking , use xmp profiles, … ?

RTX30370 & Ryzen 5600x & 600W PSU ???
Tying error???


600W for “RTX30370 & Ryzen 5600x” should be enought… 750W would be better…

Ok Folks,

I replaced my Power Supply too with a 1200 Watts and no more restarts (shut down).

Thanks all for the suggestions .

1.2KW !! That’s an Electric Fire … Will keep you toasty warm this winter

wooowww :joy:

I hope you spend bit more money for a good energy certification… otherwise you spend 30% money to your room-air :wink:

I’ve been having this issue for some time now, close to about 2 or 3 months. It will cause my PC to reboot at random times i.e. in a menu, upon landing at an airport after flying in multipler for 3 hours, loading into the cockpit, or just switching the view.

Here’s my specs just for an fyi:
ryzen 3600 (I’ve seen a few people have this issue with this cpu might be coincidence though) (replaced stock cpu and has updated bios)
B350m Mobo
32 gb 2400 ram
700w Thermaltake PSU (new that replaced a lower PSU)
XFX Raw II RX 5700 XT 8gb vram
Win10 20H2
Dell 32" 144/165 hz gaming monitor connected via Display Port
Running MSFS in full screen mode, 1440 res, high settings for most things, Lens Flare, DoF, etc. are turned off. Only three small mods in the community folder.
Purchased and run through Steam (I didn’t learn my lesson but big purchases like this I won’t do through Steam anymore)
Had this both in and out of VR.
I have two external drives connected for personal backups and whatnot
I use thrustmaster rudder pedals and a extreme 3d pro joystick or sometimes if I have time I’ll hook up my saitek yoke and throttle but I have had the same experience either way.

I hate to say it but yes, MSFS is the only game I play right now that is pushing my PC to I guess an extreme that it triggers some kind of a reboot, not a crash per si, but it completely blackscreens, monitor power cycles, and it boots from a “cold and dark” startup.

I’ve looked for any kind of a pattern and there really isn’t one. So far I’ve:
Reseated the GPU and double checked the power cables (just last night)
I’ve checked RAM connections
Cleaned the system (last night)

What I haven’t done: check my PSU connections to the MoBo which makes me think that if people are buying new PSUs and saying they fixed the problem that there might be a bad connection - maybe… My PSU is maybe 5 months old, yeah still could be an issue, but it’s not a piece of junk PSU either.
I have not tried disconnecting my external drives.

Is there a place where MSFS saves a “crash” or “bug” log when this happens that I can look at as well?

Anyway, any help/suggestion would be welcomed.

@DracoRPG3979 I don’t have an answer for you but I’m experiencing the exact same issue with seemingly random reboots. I’ve run stress test software for over an hour with no issues encountered. My machine is almost entirely new but the PSU is 6 years old - but at 750W it should be more than enough for what I’m running

In going through my PC to check all the connections, I discovered one of my cooling fans was installed in the wrong direction :man_facepalming: After correcting that my PC has run a little cooler and I haven’t had any random reboots. Maybe it was an overheating issue but given no issues with stress test, I’m not convinced. If I get another random reboot, going to try a new PSU.

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This is something else that makes me think that it is somehow hardware related and specifically to some kind of faulty connection on the MoBo. I’ve careful to monitor my GPU heat as that was a huge concern back when the 5700s hit the street but never really noticed anything temp-wise with the CPU.

I plan on opening up the case again today after work and checking all the PSU connections, fan connections, etc. I just don’t know how a stress test wouldn’t push the same failure and it can be just related to MSFS.

Do you have the issues AND play through Steam or is it the same issues with the MSFS direct download version? There has to be some kind of commonality. Ryzen CPUs? Upgrade CPUs on older MoBos…??? Of course I can’t let it go until I know an answer because once I start on a PC problem I can’t just walk away. :smiley: