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Upon loading the game, either to the start menu or into the game itself and sometimes 5/10 mins into gameplay the PC will suddenly restart. This happens with no other games on my rig or when conducting a stress test. I have completed a clean install of all Nivida Drivers using DUU and updated windows to the latest version. Managed to get 30 mins okay earlier but now it crashed before loading to the menus. Any help would be greatly appreciated. System: 8700k, Asus Strix 1080ti, 32GB Ram, 650W PSU.

How’s your PC temperatures looking during that time of crashes?

CPU around 60 and GPU around 85.

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GPU temp is fairly high but doesn’t sound like enough to cause a crash though.

Is the gpu overclocked as this can cause crashes sometimes?

Same thing happening to me. System is stable and stress tested. temps are normal, 65c CPU max and 75c GPU max, no overclock on either. Restarts are random, 5 to 15 minutes during flight. I have also completed several flights from 20 minutes to 1hr with no issues. Ryzen 5 3600x, RX 5700xt, 32GB RAM. Drivers are all up to date.

Same problem here, Temperatures are all fine - I logged them here:

Specs: i7-8700K / MSI Z370 Pro Carbon / GTX 1080 TI / 32GB Ram

Windows Event-Log shows no entries, except that the computer was rebooted unexpectedly

PS: All drivers up2date, no overclocking, happens in FS only

I have a similar problem but without the restarts. The pc just hard locks. No numpad, no control what so ever, but the sound stays normal.

Disabled all OCs and reinstalled FS. PC is stable in everything else from blender, to fsx or xplane and any other game.

specs: I7-7700k / MSI Carbon Gaming Pro Z270 /MSI 1070 / 16gb

I am going to reinstall the game to see if it fixes it as sometimes it crashes at the menu, and the GPU and CPU are only at 60 degrees

I have reinstalled the game myself too. First I downloaded a new installer with 2004 already on it and reinstalled windows 10, updated windows and reinstalled all drivers. Nothing else other than the game and TrackIR software. It was fine for the first 30 minute flight but on the second flight I noticed that the live weather had placed a cloud right on top of the terrain, some of the threes and terrain was deformed and just not right, 30 seconds later my system restarted. After that I was gonna blame it on AMD drivers but I know other people on this tread are running NVIDIA cards so I decided to test with live weather and live traffic off and I haven’t had a crash or restart since. I’ve flown from San Diego all the way to Spokane, WA. First in smaller 30 minute trips then a 1hr 30 minute flight, left the plane sitting on the parking area without closing the simulator and went for dinner, came back and did another 1hr flight with no issues. Just somethin you may want to try if your sim keeps crashing your PC, will report later if the issue comes back.

test your ram, full test


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A program like Flightsim is very unlikely to hard restart or hard lock the computer because of the way Windows is designed as an operating system. The only things capable of doing that are hardware devices or system services or drivers.

Your restarts and hard locks are the result of a driver or hardware malfunction, which is due to Flightsim putting a huge amount of strain on your PC components. The fact the hard locks or restarts don’t happen in other program is largely irrelevant.

This may be the result of a driver issue, higher CPU temperatures, or voltage issues (eg, spikes) in your internal CPU core voltage or motherboard, or, even your PSU unable to provide sufficient voltage to your components.

As others have responded, you need to test your memory first, click start and type “memory”, and you’ll see the Windows memory diagnostic,run it. Also don’t forget to update your drivers if they need it.

If all that fails to resolve yoru issue, it could simply be your hardware (such as your Power supply unit) could be faulty, or, the combination of stressors, high CPU, high GPU, high memory use, together result in the failure of the computer. Or, it could be a driver problem, NVIDIA, AMD, Intel, it’s really hard to tell on the surface.

Good luck, sometimes these types of problems are very difficult to resolve.

I’ve done a full memory test already, no errors found there. Definitely not discarding drivers or hardware issues either, I got a 800w 80 plus gold PSU hopefully that’s not the issue, they’re pretty expensive these days. For now it’s working fine.

Sounds weird.

Does it restart as in immediate reset, bsod, or does it give you the shutdown screen?

Immediate reset, windows loading screen and back to the desktop. no blue screen or shutdown screen. It’s like if I had pressed the reset button on the case.

You have an extra power supply to test?

Does the issue still occur if you limit wattage on your CPU / GPU?

All I got is a 10 year old 800w PSU on my htpc but I don’t think it’ll be more reliable than my current one. I’ll see about sourcing one for testing. For now as I said before, everting is stable turning off live weather and traffic. I get that it may just be coincidence or maybe those two settings are putting too much stress on my system.

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So, yesterday I was able to enjoy the game without a single crash. I changed some things - but I do not know what did the trick, anyways: here’s the list…

  • Disconnected Saitek Radio & Multipanel, as well as the Oculus Rift (this also removed one useless Audio-Device)
  • Enabled XMP in the Bios (previously it was disabled - for whatever reason)
  • Resetted the rolling cache and increased it to 25gb
  • Excluded the FS folder & process from Bitdefender
  • Set the pagefile to managed for the sim drive.

So yesterday same conditions, same route, no power down for at least 5h (mix of flying and sitting on the ramp) I really hope that it stays that stable, then I am fine with it.

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I would guess it was either point 1 or 2.

Disconnecting extra peripherals is always a good idea when troubleshooting. Try reconnecting them and see if the crashes reoccur. This is particularly true if the device is faulty in some way (eg, a worn USB cable), it could cause crashes to occur in the USB sub system, which could cascade to a full reboot.

XMP may also have contributed as it allows your PC to choose your memory overclock to be something “stable”. It’s ok to have it disabled, as XMP is an overclock, but it’s an overclock that your motherboard handles and understands.

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I’ve noticed any sort of hitching / stutter from a lack of CPU resources leads to a crash on the sim very often for me,

XMP and Page file are things that would have helped for me,

I know this is an old post. I was having similar issues with a system I was using back in then in August 2020, as well as a brand new computer (about a month) that I have now. With my old computer running a 2080ti, I had to UNDERCLOCK my GPU in order for Flight Simulator not to restart my computer. No other game or program I ran was an issue.

So, now I have this new system with 64Gb of RAM, i9-12900K and RTX 3090… and I get the same thing. I haven’t tried underclocking, but the computer spontaneous restarts seem completely random. I log temperatures, and power consumption, and none of them get that close to max (CPU in the mid 60s and and GPU at 80). I have an 850Watt power supply. The most my CPU and GPU consume combined is 500Watts when Flight Simulator is running–I know they could potentially go up to 600W, but they’re not pulling that much power when my system restarts. I doubt the other components are drawing more than 300 Watts–but perhaps I’m wrong.

When I say random I mean random… usually no less than 10 minutes after spawning a plane… but I can sometimes fly for several hours and have no issue. However, my the chances of my computer NOT spontaneously rebooting (before I’m done flying) is about 20% of the time–so it gets frustrating. Just seems odd that I have another computer with the same issues (that’s only a month old). Granted I had bought a new computer last November with a 3090 that wasn’t given me issues… until the Motherboard died on me 4 months later–and I spent a month diagnosing that… (sigh). Fortunately got a full refund on that system.