Con trails are still with me like this

Xbox user and I still have this to contend with this despite trying all sorts of things

Xbox X
Rudder pedals TB

In your graphics settings, what is your Volumetric Clouds setting?

Ooohh that’s interesting. I am an Xbox user. How would I find that out?

If the console version has graphics options, you should be able to get there by going to the Options tab at the top of the home screen, then General Options > Graphics. Be ware that higher cloud settings will take a toll on frame rates, but it will make your visuals much better.

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But just to add this also happens at low level as well.

It almost looks like there’s a texture missing from one or more effect files. The only thing you should have a low level is heat distortion. Since you’re on a console, I have no clue how that could happen. Since I run on a PC, I’ll defer to others with more experience on that platform.

I have asked many times and it’s ‘on the list’ for a fix from MS

Happens to me as well. Not every flight, but it happens nevertheless with the A320. While the 747 don’t have contrails at all…Xbox user.

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Reported this numerous times but nothing done. You’re right with the A320 though. The 767-400 is normal

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Here is an update

I have removed all add on liveries and planned a flight today EGLL EGPH

This was at the transition phase and no blurring

Uploading: 271F4B07-667B-4A92-828E-243A1070EB6A.png…
This was in the cruise

And this was in the decent and no blurring

Sounds like this was related to a livery, but I wanted to give an FYI that the console version only has an HDR toggle in the graphics setting if I’m not mistaken. I have both Steam and the console version, and the console is basically take it as it comes.

Good to know - thanks!

I will list later tomorrow my add ons

So I am putting these down to add on liveries.
This I flew earlier same FP and took out all of my livery add ons

Now when I do the exact same flight using add on liveries from 4simmera this happens

4Simmers acknowledged this is an issue with their A320 livery packs. They are working to fix this for a next update.

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I haven’t tried BREDOK yet so might give that a go tomorrow

Thanks anyway for the heads up very kind of you

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