Concept Aircraft in MSFS

So here me out, If anyone is familiar with the Gran Turismo series, youll know that theyll implement old and new cars, but they also do this little thing where they add concept cars that were drawn and bring them to life. I think it would be awesome if Asobo here and then suprised us with concept aircraft. Say maybe like the propeller powered 747 or the Boeing Pelican for quick examples. I mean they already added a pelican from Halo right? So why not? It would give the simulator more flavor and make it more adventurous in that sense. The data and information needed for concept aircraft is out there, online. These are aircraft that I believe deserve a life atleast in the virtual world. Hopefully this something that can make it to the wishlist for MSFS.

Saw this on Twitter back on September 18th. Maybe once SU11 is out of the way, things will change.

With a proper helicopter flight model, I’m scrounging for the Falcon from Halo for sure.

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If Jorge can be believed, something like over 100 projects currently in active development, there’d be a good chance we’ll probably see some fantasy planes, oddball and lesser known unique flyers.

Technically the Hughes Hercules was more of a concept that had like 1 real (barely can be considered a proper) test flight but we’ll getting it soon enough.

I honestly don’t see how it would be too far stretched to see Star Wars X-Wing, Tie Fighter or a Millenium Falcon at this stage.

To my knowledge, EA pretty much has an exclusive license on Star Wars video games.

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Yes that’s true. Supposedly EA was wanting to find a buyer, Microsoft has been on a buying streak after all, just saying, yet there was a theory that Amazon might make a move.

With the turmoil that is the Star Wars brand, who knows what a certain mouse shaped company would be willing to do with it next. This kinda thing doesn’t sound completely ludicrous to me.