Concorde icing

Hi I’m after some help . I seem to be struggling with icing up on the Concorde ( Xbox series x ) . I have tried everything to even reinstalling the game . I’m sure I have all the right anti icing on ( 4 engine switches and the screen ) , I struggle to fly at high altitude and have very slow speed then I start dropping and climbing altitude rapidly . The only solution I have found is to turn icing off in the settings in the game .
I feel like I am missing something stupid if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Cheers

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You should download the Concorde documentation from the DC Designs site to understand the proper climb profile. You can’t just blast off to 60,000 feet and expect it to go mach 2.

Are you following the in-game checklist? That should get you to mach 2 at cruising altitude reliably.

Your problem doesn’t sound like it has anything to do with icing.

Interesting I shall check both out . I was just following atc altitude increments , I suppose that makes more sense as I struggle with max climb profile as well . Is there a link for the manual ?

Thanks for the input it is much appreciated

I don’t have the link at the moment but I know it’s been posted in one or more Concorde-related threads. Probably in the general DC Designs Concorde thread somewhere recently since XBox players can’t access the manual that comes with the aircraft.

Thanks I’ll have another search but the threads are so long at times . Thanks again

You may wish to check here:

Thanks again . I tried them links but neither worked for me . Do I need to sign up ? Or is that the pc version

For some reason, when you copy and paste, the link won’t work. If you go into the DC Designs website, you will find it and it should work. I just checked it.

For icing I did found it sometimes will be a bug, if I activate all de ice on ground, everything goes fine but when icing warning light up, the same de ice won’t mitigate that

Thanks all for your help I’ll try that as for getting the manual that seems a bit more tricky . I’ve raised a request with the just flight website

That’s exactly what I did here… :rofl:

You’re not exactly climbing by the book…

They’ve sent the manual over and that has helped a lot however atc are complete #&-+# . Climbs much slower than what I thought. Thanks for the help

I don’t even use ATC anymore…

I do. Every flight. I’ve even modified the ATC scripts to be more like what I want.

While Concorde is indeed a rocket compared to other airliners, at high weights it does need to be carefully managed. That said there are stories of Concorde reaching Mach 2 and 60000ft in just 9 minutes during a test flight!