Concorde Liveries

So I would if I could…. But can someone who can please do the liveries for all of the Concordes in the current BA and AF liveries? I really wanna fly G-BOAC!

Also, it would be good to have a museum for it in MSFS like the one at Manchester, that would be super cool!

Have you checked out the ones available on

You can also request there as well.


Thanks, yes I have. Most of them are daft like Ryan air Concorde. I’d love to see the real world registrations make it into the Sim. The prototyp, Pepsi and G-BOAG liveries are really cool though!

You can put requests in at

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This just came out: DC Designs Concorde Pre-Production 102 (F-WTSA) » Microsoft Flight Simulator

And some photos of the real thing I took at the Fleet Air Arm Museum a few weeks ago!


Thanks for those museum shots, never seen ones like that before. I really like the outside shot with the visor up. Thanks

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The prototypes aren’t the same as the production aircraft, which is why they look different. I’m pretty sure the first two were smaller (shorter) than the production aircraft if I remember correctly.

Was definitely the highlight of that museum. Impressive bird!