Concorde pricing released!

Pricing seems very reasonable!

Some good news for Xbox users aswell which is nice.


That’s a very good price especially if this has the same functionality of the previous versions!


This will be my first experience so really looking forward to it!

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It has much, much more functionality.


It will certainly be on my list.
Thank you for the response!!! :+1:

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This is not even a question. It’s an absolute yes. Bring it on! :wink: Hope you are well, Dean!


All good here thanks, working hard but enjoying it! Welcome back :slight_smile:

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This one has been on my list of things to buy. Looking forward to release day!

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Looking forward to challenge

Looking forward to this one!

I would have gotten it no matter the price. Seems fair to me. Can’t wait.

Looks like there’s going to be a LOT of Concordes in the sky - far more than Aerospatiale ever built! Me too!


So excited here. I just hope there is a good tutorial available.

This feels almost too cheap in a weird kind of way. Not that i want to pay more, but does it devalue what they are doing here, or does it suggest less fidelity and complexity than it wild seen from the dev blogs? Or maybe they are just thinking they will sell so much of it given how iconic it is.

Having never flown Concorde before, is there anywhere which can give me a “Concorde for noobs” basic set up which can get me going before I learn more and more?

It’s priced to reflect todays’ economic status, rather than to reflect the product itself. A small minority on the Internet have already jumped on the price as evidence that Concorde will be “GTA” style, which always happens. In fact, it’s bordering on study level in terms of system detail.

@blitzben85 A full manual will be included, and the in-sim Checklist will include every step from start-up to take off, cruise climb, supersonic etc etc, so you can follow through everything to your destination.


Awesome - I am so looking forward to this! Thanks for your reply

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Thank you, Dean! Glad to be back.

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Can you clarify the discounts?
Folks are reading that discounts will be for prior P3D purchases.
Prior FSX Concorde customers will receive a discount also?