Concorde pricing released!

Just amazing, I will make sure to cover it in my youtube channel, really looking forward to it!


How will this product be in terms of flight model? Ideally they have Concorde pilots to check it, but there aren’t many of those around :grinning: How realistic is it? And how was the flight model evaluated?

Hopefully that one, then we are all winners!

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All our aircraft feature flight models built from real world aircraft manuals and data. They’re as close as the simulator will allow us to get.

@ImmersiveVR I presume that FSX users get the same discount, but will check with Just Flight. No reason why they would not offer it to both.

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CONFIRMED: Both FSX and Prepar3D owners of Concorde get the discount :+1:

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I only came across your YouTube channel the other day by pure look!

I never knew you were such a YouTube star Hugo​:joy::+1:

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hahaha just a bit, I like to keep a low profile, mostly strategy games but I use my twitch mainly for aviation :wink:

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272K followers and trying to keep a low profile! :rofl:

very cool channel!

off topic sorry guys!

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has there been a release date confirmed for this yet?

DC Designs’ FB page says only “March 2022.” I know Dean is hoping for middle of the month or so.

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Will be out of my depth but none the less I’ll give it a go!

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That’s half the fun!

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Exactly! Really looking forward to this one.

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For those who don’t follow the forums closely, here’s the “main” thread for the DC Designs Concorde.

Dean usually posts updates weekly on FB every Friday, and usually either he or someone else will post about it in the thread above.


Thank you for this!

Thanks :+1:

Sorry for the slow replies, I’ve been ill for a few days so not as on the ball as usual, and a disruptive member of this forum has been causing problems so I’ve been staying away. Concorde is pencilled in for mid-late March release, all going well and adding cool new stuff every day. No actual day set yet though, so I can keep some breathing space for final testing.


Get well soon Dean and we all look forward to seeing the Concorde in the sim whenever it’s ready!:+1:

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Take care of yourself, Dean. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Sorry too to hear of a disruptive forum member. That’s unfortunate, especially for you as a respected developer who has spent so much time and effort building your reputation as a present, involved and active member of the community yourself.


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I love that it’s borderline on study level! But as a geek who love to learn, any plan if the demand is there to make a priced addon for “study level pack”?