Confident / Not Confident about next WU6 to solve MSFS issues after SU5

Before jamming the rod, its important to acquire some assistance from a family of Sasquatch/Yeti ("big"foot). The 3rd party community is akin to this - stomping on all them ants (bugs).

This community holds the gasoline and matches just incase.

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Vacations have to be considered.

They cant do their best if they are at the beach.

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The MSFS development team needed to remind themselves of the complexity of this project BEFORE they started. It is not our problem that this project is complex, it is their problem.


Not confident.

Not confident at all! With these guys, I’ll believe it when I see it. Everyone keeps giving them kudos for promising to do this and that and they have consistently failed to deliver a better simming experience. Whatever they say is just empty words to me at this point, until I have my hands on whatever they release to the public.

they are allowed vacations.

if that means we gotta wait a bit, I’m cool and groovy with that.

they can do their best at relaxing.

I think they need a couple of years before the game is fully optimized.


Not confident. It’s a world update not sim update.

Not confident,too many graphics overdosed enthusiasts who have forgotten what the word “simulator” means in a title.


I was afraid to say this, myself, but it’s what I’ve been thinking, even long before the SU5 debacle. There are old timers who will tell you it took a good deal longer than that to hone and polish X-plane. MFS will probably be a work in progress as long as it’s actively developed. Who wouldn’t want it that way?

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cough working title uncough


I’ve seen the videos on that! Some of the anthill sculptures are pretty cool.

Totally confident the patch will take 4 days to instal, 2 windows rebuilds and a whole new set of problems.

Asobo needs to have an open beta branch like X plane so people don’t need to be forced to beta test.

I guess they will still get the odd angry thread but at least it is your choice.

These closed betas with NDA’s are stupid.


Not confident!!!

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Confident Asobo will do their best, and probably will fail as often they do… in other words, not confident they will fix this sim for another year

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more hopeful than either confident or not

As a Pc user and based on post Xbox experience NOT CONFIDENT

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I’m having incorrect flight cruise data. smartcars cannot verify flight cruise.

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