Configure Bravo F-18 Profile?

Anybody figure out how to configure the Bravo TQ for an F-18 profile?

(I don’t know enough about the F-18 yet to do it, other than setting throttle 1 and throttle 2).

That’s pretty much it, other than your normal flight axis. Note the throttles have a “cutoff” position. I haven’t figured out how to map that so you can do an engine shutdown by first right-clicking, then left-clicking the throttle. To start from this position, simply move throttle forward at 25-26 N1 and you’ll hear a click as the throttles go past the gate.

Well. I’ve got flaps extending with throttle application and not retracting when I hit “decrease flaps”, plus the plane does not respond to Alpha yoke’s elevator trim button or the Bravo’s trim wheel. Kind of a mess…