Confusing and Crappy

OK, I have maybe about 5-6 hours in-game and I honestly think that Microsoft released this WAY too early. I’ve already encountered nearly a dozen bugs and in their a320neo model half of the buttons don’t even work! With the seatbelt sign and smoking sign, the ONLY THING THEY HAVE TO DO IS MAKE A DING. I mean it’s like this game was rushed to release, besides the point that it was said to come out in MARCH, it’s like Microsoft could have done SO much better. It really annoys me how many of the buttons are inoperable. I mean come on you guys had FOURTEEN YEARS to come out with a new sim and it seems like you just started making this at the beginning of like 2019. It even seems like you took files from FSX and just revamped them with 2020 tech and said, here’s a new sim, have fun. One of the big problems I found was when I went to do a passenger service flight, I spawned in at my airport of choice, but you spawn without any ground services attached and there is no way to call them over! Another thing is how terrible the pushback works, it basically just spins you in a circle and smashes the back of the plane into the GHOST terminal. X-Plane 11’s Better pushback plugin is SO much better. And for some people Including me, the download time of this sim is well over 10 hours for people with standard internet connections. And for people who are tight on space, 96.3 GB is ALOT of space taken up. I mean I have a standard computer with a one terabyte SSD I had to buy A new Hard drive because of how big this game is. So for the Half-Day, I waited and the numerous hours it took to get enough space I didn’t even get to play this game until the 19th. This game needs a lot of work done to it for it to be anywhere as good as Xplane 11. The one good thing I can think of what this game is good at then it must be the Home screen. Oh and to wrap it all up I would LOVE it if they would add more challenges I found the ones in the game kind of fun, But I BLAZED through them in almost an hour since there’s only like 10 that a normal person wants to do. I liked the DOZENS of challenges FSX had since they were all relatively short. I mean I don’t want to spend Two Hours flying a boring bush plane through nothing. I want to land on school buses and go under bridges.

This game has a lot to work on and I’m not very optimistic.

X-Plane 11: One -------- MFS 2020: Zero


You are the exact person i pray to god (and Im not religious) they dont want as their target audience and make this into an Arcade game instead of a realistic Simulator.


I assume the community will have to aid MS in debugging their product.

so I just played a little bit and the ground marshal just STARTED giving me a push back so to protest I drove him into the terminal and I couldn’t stop it so I just took of with the push back tug still connected to my front. This is a TERRIBLE game

As a fan of X-plane and a 40 year user of the Flight Simulator series, you are make a very unfair comparison when table a mature, updated product like x-plane with something that has just hit the market.

Let me remind you, X-plane was an unpolished MESS when it was first released and I would consider many x-plane versions released as far from user friendly as you get. Only over the years has X-plane become a more polished and ususable flight simulator, in fact many of the non-paid airplanes included with X-plane are nearly unflyable.

So be fair, all flight simulators I have ever experienced need some time to mature and
become what they can be.

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But you do realize that there are pilots IRL who do land on buses and fly under bridges…
Certainly nothing ‘arcade’.

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I understand what your saying and I get your point, maybe MFS 2020 will get better, And honestly, I hope it does, but I’m saying from a standpoint of how EXITED people were for this sim it really seems like a letdown. If you go on the home-page of forums you’ll see DOZENS of other complaints almost identical to mine I just hope these problems are fixed at some point.

This is wrong, in so many ways. I’ll start.

The a320neo is a default aircraft. It is already more functional than any other default aircraft you will fly in any other sim. They can always add more features in the future, but a cabin chime shouldn’t be a main focus until other more important problems are fixed.

They started working on this sim since 2016, and by far it is one of the most visually stunning and amazing sims compared to other flight sims in the market.

Well you clearly haven’t played FSX, because this looks and feels nothing like FSX. This is new gen stuff…

plugin better pushback plugin. So X-Plane devs didn’t make the feature, someone else did… hmmmm.

This sim needs a lot of work done, and it will have. There are tons of new features to come out.

If you care so much about realism, and how X-Plane is superior, then I don’t think you would be so worried about bridges and landing on busses. Your making no sense here.


You said it yourself! Better Pushback did not come natively in X-Plane 11… so we will likely get a third-party addon for Pushbacks in MSFS too


OK. Show us vanilla XPlane at release date.
How does it look?

Yeah it are right. But It’s an addon too. no vanilla.

Let the devs do their work.
and over 400 3rd Party Developers are on it.

What do you want more.
See you in the Sky

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Well go play xplane bye bye i will be here when you get back.

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The X-Plane default Boeing 737 has more working switch. So your first point is wrong.
But more importantly all implemented features were working properly when it was released (e.g autopilot).


Xplane just stay in my PC for 5 days. Default scenery is like a piece of flat paper when compared to FS2020 scenery.

Well, unfortunately, Asobo has only had the pleasure of releasing 1 simulator. Xplane has released 12 of them.

Once again, over time more features will be added and the sim will be improved, but more than half of the points made in this post was still pointless.

it’s not a letdown for me and I am a real world Commercial Multi-engine instrument pilot.

I knew going in it likely wouldn’t be study-level aircraft with every switch functioning in the aircraft. Do you remember FS2004 default 737? It was amazing that it had 2 fuel pump switches on the overhead panel let alone the 6 that are really there. I think I remember 8 switches and status lights total on the overhead compared to the dozens of panels that really exist with 10-20 switches and leds each.

What I do have is a sim that I can set up an aircraft cold and dark at a ramp, start it up using real checklists, taxi on real taxiways at most airports (not perfect everywhere, but that’s worse with XP…single taxiway and apron at airports with no data???), navigate via GPS or VORs from point to point, engage the incomplete but semi-usable autopilot or hand-fly the route, run an approach to a runway, land, taxi into another ramp location and shut her down.

It is a full featured sim in all regards and you can do all of it. The issues I have are that they broke the external interfaces to SimConnect by killing performance when using it, so my secondary screen with AirManager running is useless without getting 15fps. My hardware GPS is useless since none of the aircraft have a GNS430/GNS530 in them (yet there is a gauge in the default data directories for each).

FS2020 is a great start. When XP11 first came out, it was terrible with autogen that was so unbelievably bad, but a better start than what we had before it. Now, with Ortho4XP and other products, the scenery is drastically better for FREE or Orbx in regional areas for about the cost of a used car. To expect a flawless piece of software that covers the ENTIRE PLANET with very little data other than blurry satellite photos to work from, I’d say it’s a remarkable product.


You are comparing an out of the box product with a product that has many add ons. When i first purchased XP11 few years ago it was in public beta, default 737 wasn’t good, no better pushback, no add on airports. Zibo came in and improved 737 significantly and he did it for free. All we need is Zibo to do the same for a320 and 787 if he wants to, otherwise we’d wait for pmdg and other 3rd party devs. Gsx is working on ground service products, maybe better pushback can create for mfs20. No simulator was ever released complete or 100% functional with features. Everyone of them depended on 3rd party developers who can focus and dedicate 100% on individual categories.

Yeah I can agree with you on that. But I’m not asking for more features, I just want the existing ones to work. I’m disappointed basic IFR features like autopilots are being released in such state after 9 months of alpha. They had time to fix it.


Devs are working on the issues with Simconnect and the stuttering.

Great little review by your side.
I think we can expect an exciting new decade for flight simming.

See you in the sky!

Keep calm and use paragraphs.
But to be fair the number of bugs is awful.
I think its a bit much to expect every button operational and working as it should in the airbus, the $100 3rd party versions don’t even have that.
But bugs are unacceptable and the whole game seems like it has lacked quality control and testing.
For example the altitude select dial on the Beech baron is missing, theres just a white circle there. HOW did the beta testers miss that, it seems like no one testing that aircraft.


Even little things like the Citation Longitude having the incorrect size fuel tanks, and the altitude select dial missing from the G1000 in the baron.
Those are simple errors that were never quality checked. It seems who ever did the beta testing didn’t do it very well.

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