Connect MSFS to the internet

Can someone tell how to connect the sim to the internet.

We’re going to need more information. You don’t need to do anything if everything is properly installed.

If your computer is connected the sim will connect automatically. It could be however that you have a firewall that prevents this connection, you‘d have to allow the sim to pass.

In the General Options - Data menu.

Thanks, guys for the info.

Trying to figure out how you installed and updated MSFS, without an Internet connection.

I assume if you fire up say a web browser, before launching MSFS, you can say search on Google ?

When you start MSFS, does it pop up a screen, about NOT being able to connect to the Internet.

Can you get Real Weather ?

When I load a flight plan and select real weather, the route comes up on the map, but no wind speed or wind direction values show up at the departure or destination airports. I just wanted to make sure I was connected to the internet.

After you have selected your departure and arrival airports, to display the wind speed and direction you need to click on the white info-box at each location.

Before clicking on info-box:

After clicking on info-box:

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Ok, thanks for the info.

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