Connecting two gamepads

I bought a second Logitech f310 game pad. So, now I have two F310. The previous one is used to control drone and cockpit cameras. When i connect the second one both acting as one. When I press a button in whichever I get the same function. I have changed the profile name but when I made that in one of them it is generated the same name in the other one.
In Control Panel---- Joystick Configuration I see both gamepads, but with the same name. When I test the buttons, the controllers act in independent mode.
Is there any way to configure to get independent behavior.?
Thanks, in advance!

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I suspect that MSFS identifies controllers by their Hardware ID, and since the two Logitech F310 game pads have the same ID, any change to one MSFS profile will be reflected in the other, which is what you are seeing. If I’m correct, I do not think you could control the devices without a device or app that captured the data and presented it to MSFS as an alternative type of controller, but I do not know of such systems myself.

@SmotheryVase665 thaks for your answer. I Will search some app to mask the controllers.