Connection lost indication

They changed the connection lost warning to a dialog box with OK button in the middle off the screen. Since my connection can get patchy during prime time (server usually disconnects and connects again a few seconds later at certain times of the day) it was only a matter of time before the dialog box blocked the entire screen on final approach…

Is there a way to turn it off (back to how it was) and is there a way to see whether you are currently connected or not?

Please consolidate your votes to this thread. Thanks!

Today the server went on/off all the time ( I am sure it will be fixed). That window is very annoying and made my crash. I was on very short final and that rubbish window poped up and sure I did crash on the RWY.
Asobo, please remove it ASAP!! What is the point in confirming conn. lost? Just make a little red thingy op in the top right corner, so we see it.

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Agreed. Very annoying. If it is necessary to have such a message, please use the less obtrusive ‘connected’ message format requiring no user input.

Really, I could care less if I’m connected or not. If you feel I must know, though, I do not need to acknowledge such an alert.

This is not a bug, just a feature request.

Please could the internet has disconnected be less intrusive in the game. You have to click to get rid of it.
Similair to the connected message, can it just be a passive warning?

Also move the messages from the centre of the screen.

Anyone else?

it’s moved now into wishlist :slight_smile:

I not seen often these “Disconnect” message, but in case its realy a bit “Intrusive”… so… I give a vote.

( and Re-Voted after Topic Merge )

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I saw it briefly appear again yesterday but it immediately disappeared again on its own. Just a little connection hick up maybe. It’s been very good this year so far, only popped up one other one time when it was my router crapping out.

A little disconnected icon at the top of the screen would be more helpful.

I am awaiting a non-BT hub and meanwhile mine is doing the usual thing they al seem to (after a few months) of cutting out briefly every so often. But during challenges or at other critical moments up comes a big banner that kills the view - then another one a few moments later telling me its all restored. I would prefer it at the top or bottom of the screen.

By the way I did eventually get a non-BT hub and the improvement was huge. Even the latest BT hubs seem to revert to dropping out after a ‘honeymoon period’ of a couple of months. No idea why but my TP link hub just works. OK so with everyone nearby working from home and us all having fast B/B we do get occasional quick dropout/reconnects but at least 10x less than with the BT hubs we have suffered.
The sim now works reliably.

The connection lost pop is huge and its right in the middle of the screen.

During a difficult landing…you see where I am going with this yeah? (or in fact you don’t see where you are going because a giant dialogue box just obscured your view of everything)