Connection lost occuring often lately

Yay, constant disconnections for the next 2-3 weeks then! We all know how these server changes go, in every game ever.

LOL…C’mon, it’s 2022, not 1992. A server migration is an IT non-event nowadays. Have faith.

Building online infrastructure for million(s) of players is not for the faint of heart. They know what they are doing, yet still improvements are always possible. Let’s at least give them the chance, right.

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Servers have a up time and can go down.
Nothing is perfect!

True. Keep an eye to the sky for the meteorite that may be headed your way, no matter how remote the possibility. To quote Lloyd Christmas; “So you’re telling me, there’s a chance!”

Apparently MSFS is changing “server clusters” tomorrow, curious to see if this improves the situation:

Are they done yet?

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Are you able/allowed to share the reason for the upgrade? Is it just to move it to newer hardware or are there any specific things you are hoping to address with this?

I had hoped this server migration would have fixed the “connection drops” that are occurring ALL the time now in SU10, but nope.

This happens to me pretty much every night recently. ■■■■■■ me off when online services then get disabled. Then when trying to turn back on, the game just refuses to use the internet connection, just uses a trickle, and then the low bandwidth message again and fails enabling web services. This goes on for several tries.

MS, I decide if my connection is slow or not. Just let the game run. Do i need to sign a ■■■■ waiver?

On my last flight on Sunday evening, it did this to me a few times while at the airport before I’d even taken off… Most frustrating. Webpages and so on still loading fine – just MSFS saying it lost the connection :frowning:

It’s de microsoft server not your internet connection.

If they don’t get this connection lost issue sorted, no matter how good it looks, people will start leaving.

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Are there anyone else that can answer? Or is it just a way to avoid answering though questions?

I haven’t booted up since the server migration. I only see a couple of unhappy campers in this thread post migration. With nobody really posting in here, is it safe to say the connection discos are a thing of the past, or at least lessened?

There’s only one sure way to find out. Play the game! :grin:

depends on who does it and how well it is planned. I assume MS knows how to.

We arent speaking about a ‘server migration’. This is about moving a whole cluster. Always
a complicated and risky operation inspite of the best planning beforehand.
(voice of experience here. been there, saw the movie and bought the T-shirt :woozy_face: )

I’m sure it has it’s pitfalls, but it’s also a static environment, with all the variables already known. When these things go wrong, it’s not because of some unknown glitch, it’s because the people doing it straight up missed something when planning the event. There are a lot of weekend certs working in IT today, that have a “close your eyes, hit enter, then fix anything that breaks” mindset.