"Connection lost, press OK to continue" - please remove

Brief description of the issue:
Program says “Connection lost” and asks user to click OK. This is absolute ■■■■ when you’re flying in VR or whatever, the HOTAS gets disabled and won’t react. If you’re low, you crash unless you click this message away. Just notify that connection is lost for a second or two, then hide/remove this message from the screen, do not focus on it or disable controls. Most of us don’t really care if connection is lost for a second or two, neither is it a critical failure that needs to be remedied by the end user.

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Read description in the previous point.

Detail steps to reproduce the issue encountered:
Whenever connection is lost this pops up.

As long as the loss of internet connection is client side ( or your ISP) you cannot point to MS.
FS2020 is strongly Azure based and will not function well without an internet connection.
Virtualy impossible to run it without.
That’s the price that comes with this simulator.

Before you post, i suggest trying it and learning how things work - then commenting.

Mods can close this thread as it does not attract any useful comments, only votes are needed.

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