Considering buying a quest 2

I currently have a Rift S running on a GTX 1080 GPU and an 9700k CPU, 32gb, would I benefit at all changing to the Q2 for extra clarity?.

The quest 2 is a clarity step up but your gpu might limit you especially when playing games as demanding as msfs 2020. Do you plan a gpu upgrade at some point?

I would like to, but the prices are ridiculous at the moment.

I’m not sure what country you are in, but here in the UK (and EU) you can use Telegram to get alerts for when nvidia RTX Founders Edition gpu’s come into stock at various sellers. These prices are not inflated. Once you get the alert you have about 15 mins to a few hours to buy a gpu at these sellers before they sell out. I bought my 3080ti this way.

I do live in the UK, I will try to register for alerts, thanks for the heads-up.

Install Telegram, then google “Telegram FE Part Alert”, it’ll be the 1st or 2nd result, follow the instructions to add the alert. Then just wait for the next gpu drop in the uk and be quick when it does. The 3080s only last minutes but the rest of them can last a couple of hours. The uk’s FE reseller is Scan in Bolton.

I may opt for a 3070 ti to as they are available and can be bought at Scan.
I have a 650w psu, I think a 3080 will draw too much power.

A 3070ti would be fine for a quest 2 and msfs imo. 650w psu should be ok.

There is facebook connect literally happening today - don’t go buying anything until we’ve seen if anything new is coming.

As @Zeeflyboy said, Facebook is making an announcement on the new hardware in just a few hours, minutes actually from the time of this post.

Wait until they announce what is next in their line-up of VR headsets.

So far Connect has been all about the Metaverse.

Well that was useless…

Wait for the quest pro and check specs its the newer one. Look into. I am

You’ll be waiting a long time, no such quest pro was announced, only a “cambria” which looked like it was focused on AR and social interactions, not games, and no release date. I think its safe to buy a quest 2 now.

Reverb G2 would probably be a better upgrade. I have the Q2 and bought the G2 afterwards and havent touched the Q2 since.

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Some people say there is only a sweet spot in the middle. In your opinion the G2 is better. Would I get away with using a gtx1080 until I get a decent gpu

Nope. I had 1080, impossible to run MSFS in VR with Quest 2, for my hardware setup at least.
Had to upgrade to 2080 Ti. After SU6 its a pretty decent experience now.

For me on the same computer specs the G2 ran 100% better! on i7 6700k, 3070, 32 GB.
Q2 had constant stutters and glitches, tried every single tweak on this forum. Link cable, OTT, etc, airplay, Virtual Desktop with a dedicated new WIFI6 router 2 feet away etc. Spent more time tweaking than flying. Actually had to put Q2 down for a few months while the sim improved performance cause it was not playable, and I can not go back to 2D Potato mode.
Plugged in the G2 and no stutters, and actually had a smooth flight
Sweet spot is a real thing, but honestly after a few flights where the whole thing was not melting and stuttering you dont notice it. There are mods you can do to get your eyes closer to the lenses. Actually I think the new G2 come with the thinner facemask anyway.
Sure the Q2 is couple hundred bucks cheaper, but its not a good buy for MSFS. I would save that 300 and put it towards a better GPU. For oculus VR games Q2 is amazing!
You may have better experience with a G2, def not with Q2 on a 1080

I have ordered a Reverb G2 after reading many posts, hopefully it will come in the next few days.
Does anyone know if I would have to uninstall Oculus software before plugging in the new headset and running WMR

I dont think you need to uninstall oculus software. Congrats on your new purchase the G2 i imo is a great hmd let us know your impressions once you have it running with msfs.