Console log message issue: repeated log messages make console unusable

Hi all,
I am having issues with console log messages relating to the new FuelSystem module.
In my 3rd party app (FSUIPC), I request all simvars regardless of the aircraft loaded.
I have recently added requests for the following indexed variables, for indices 1-16:
The request for these variables is accepted (i.e. no error) regardless of whether the new FuelSystem is being used by the current aircraft or not, and if it is used all indices (1-16) are accepted regardless of the number of pumps available on the aircraft. This is as expected.
However, when an aircraft is loaded that uses the new FuelSystem, but has less than 16 pumps (e.g. A320 Neo), the MSFS developers console window is continually flooded with messages of the type:

[FuelSystem]Attempting to access pump with an invalid ID : (Is 16, should be 1 to 7)

These messages continue non-stop, making the console window useless.

Can these log messages be removed, or maybe just logged the once rather than continually?
Alternatively, it would be preferable to receive a single error when the invalid-index simvar is requested, which would result in a single error message on request, rather than multiple messages per second during normal operations.

Please advise if I need to raise a bug report/request via zendesk to get this corrected.


There are so many of these Error Messages these days, often indicating quite clear;y what the issue is, but they never get addressed by Asobo, or the 3rd party Devs.

Maybe ONE DAY, someone will be tasked to address them, and who knows, the sim might actually run better, if it was not dealing with all these “KNOWN” errors.

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Same problem for me… Did you found a solution yet?


No, but I reported/raised a bug (or change request) to Asobo about this. Haven’t heard anything back, as usual…!
If your messages are generated by FSUIPC, then the latest version should only request those simvars mentioned for 6 pumps, by default. You can change this by setting the ini parameter NumberOfPumps:

  - added new ini parameter for the [General] section: NumberOfPumps
    This restricts the request for the indexed simvars
	to the number of pumps defined by this ini parameter.
	This has been added as requesting these indexed simvars in aircraft that use the new FuelSystem module
	that have less than the number of pumps requested will produce continual errors in the MSFS developers console.
	The default value for this parameter is 6. If you do not use the developers console, you can set this to 16 to request all
	indices for these variables (regardless of aircraft).

Not ideal I know…


Way to many, useless Logged errors

(1) Way to many Error messages, that should have been fixed (months ago when they 1st started to appear), and not just ignored

(2) Inadequate Error Message text.
Typical example : “Failed to load XML”

What failed to Load the XML, and which XML did it fail to load ??

Almost as bad as having an error message that just says “ERROR” :wink:


Almost a year later – and no change …

well, there is a change, more planes, more scenery and MORE errors !!

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Great new (for SU12 ?)

Asobo have reported in SDK Dev Forum… (3/15/2023)

We agree that the console could use some improvements… And we’ve made some changes that will be available in the next update :

  • Giving more details on the file concerned by the error/warning

Asobo ------