[Consolidated] Is the MSFS Dev Q&A Still Happening on 04/27/2022

Putting all the duplicate threads into one.

It was supposed to start 10 minutes ago and it’s no longer listed on the twitch schedule. Anyone know what’s up?

EDIT: Stream is live now, 12 mins late

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Was wondering the same thing.

If you watch the chat they have stated they are just putting together a few videos and will be starting shortly.

What chat? I don’t see a live stream so there is no chat (that I can see)

On the mobile app it’s the last option on the right.

Click on “Chat”.

Its now starting.

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Nvm it’s live now

Maybe they’ve suddenly realised MSFS has a VR game play mode! :joy:

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" Our next Live Dev Q&A will be Wednesday, April 27th at 10:30am PT (1730Z) "

Which is now…

If not on twitch, does anyone know where they are?


Never mind, they are on twitch, just fashionably late… :\

It’s on Twitch. chat was live at start time, live is just getting ready to start they were a bit behind and posted in chat.

Was due to start at 10:30 PT

You may wish to join the chat on the MSFS Twitch for more updates, there was just a note about the delay.

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I thought that was only available once they started streaming, thanks!

Hopefully they will provide some answers/timescales for people affected by issues caused by the update.

Closed as the Twitch Stream is underway.