Constant 30 fps in GA out of big areas : my settings | i9 9900k, 2080ti 32 go ram | QUEST 2

Good evening everyone!

First of all, thank you Asobo for this VR version ! It’s excellent for a start, I can only be excited by what the rest has in store for us.

I read a lot of complaints here and there, I think most complainers should spend more time trying to find the optimal settings for their machine, as it’s really possible, even on the most delicate of helmets according to what I could read.

I share my settings here with you, with which I get 30 fps constant in general aviation, outside the big cities, which is already great for having fun :slight_smile:

I specify that my configuration is as follows: i9 9900k, 2080ti, 32 GB Ram. oculus Quest 2.

I would be to have feedback from people with an equivalent setup.

Good flights to all :slight_smile:


Same specs here, same setup, same HDM.
But performance sucks.
Maybe i trust you if you say you can run 30fps, but what about stuttering and reprojection?..
it is absolutely NOT playable.

What resolution do you use in oculus app? 90hz?


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