Constant crashes (CTD) in northwest area of US (Seattle +)

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I fly around the whole world. Mostly Europe. But also Asia, Africa and USA. I am one of the lucky guys who hardly experience any CTD. Mainly I’m flying the A32NX (latest dev version). By the time, I got the one or another addon airport. The last few days (after latest MSFS patch), I tried to fly from Vancouver (Marketplace airport) to… And MSFS always crashes, with no error message, after a few minutes at the gate. It’s not Vancouver itself, it worked before. What is it in that area, which leads to constant CTDs?

Asobo could you please have a look at this.

Ah so I am not the only one who now has an issue with market place Vancouver. I have a high spec rizen 7 2070super 32G ram machine. Should be enough. No strange setup. No scenery addons in community.
But always flying to Vancouver, once I land and get directions to the gate, following the blue arrows I never get to the gate. normally somewhere along the taxying suddenly out of the blue there is a momentary freeze followed by CTD. This has only been happening after recent updates. (The one before 22nd dec).
I run at High End setup not Ultra although Ultra works fine all over the world but I thought going down to High end might stop these CTD. It doesnt.
Doesnt happen to any other airport.

I actually found the issue for me at northwest US. I had a scenery from installed, called “downtown LA”. This was causing the crash. I found out, everytime I had CTDs in a specific area, it was a “broken” scenery. It could be hundrets of miles away but still has an effect. Last time it was the new Munich scenery from swimwings (EDDM) that is conflicting with other sceneries. Had CTDs over whole Europe. Uninstalled it - gone.

So check out what scenery you have installed in the western US area. And try to remove the most suspicious ones.

EDIT: another way to clean up things is to delete (or remove!!!) the context.xml (and if you like also the content of the folder “SceneryIndexes”). Then start the MSFS. It will generate these files new (with all available scenery) and clean up possible mismatches.

I would get CTD all the time since the new update either at the airport before start up or coming into land in Europe and America I tried everything. Ended up being my rolling cache. Deleted it and then enabled it haven’t had one since worth a look if you haven’t done that yet

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That’s a good advice for people using rolling cache. I have mine disabled.

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Well, here is an update. A bit lengthy as I want to cover the stages I tried. First of all I do not install third party free scenery from or elsewhere. I find that the quality of these often doesnt look great when you get closer. Also as MS keep warning with every update that you may have to disable them, I rather stay clear. So my Community folder only contains Liveries. Still, going through all the options I renamed the community folder and made a new one, empty. Flew from Hope,Hope to Vancouver international (I recommend this short VFR flight by the way, brilliant) landed and taxing to the stand as before, a CTD. I had also increased the size of my paging file to recommended 1.5x and 4x so that wasnt a cause either.
I then disabled my Touch Portal that I have completely configured for MSFS and again, this time to my relief as touch Portal with MSFS is so totally brilliant, a CTD at the final taxing stage. So Touch Portal wasnt the problem.
I considered next to delete the Vancouver airport I bought via Market place (I only install scenery I buy on Market place) but thinking about it there was still one other common factor, the taxing, blue arrows assist.
I decided to switch that off.
No CTD. !
This does not mean that taxi assist (blue arrows) is faulty. However I note that Vancouver International from Market place is an upgrade from FSX or P3D. So I wonder if the combination of some elements of the older technology with the new MSFS marshaling animations etc causes a problem ? I just dont know.
I may be totally wrong here and one suggestion read here about rolling cash is also worth bearing in mind.
I am still not convinced I cured it, although so far, so good.

I would suggest to not rely on your findings right now. Maybe your did read the many CTDs reports on the forum lately. Since the latest MSFS update to, many people experience a high rate of CTDs. The issue could be simconnect. But that’s not clear right now. So your CTDs could be a mix of your previous problems and the new ones.

In my 30 years as an ICT manager I have learned that what you wrote is right. And the jury is indeed out. So I just report my observations hoping they are useful. Eventually a ‘golden nugget’ will emerge that confirms one way or another. I can certainly confirm that for a second Spad.Next records that connection with simconnect has been lost. But its like chicken and the egg what comes first.
But for now I seem to have a reliable system. Well for now anyway.

by the way, these CTD are the first and only problems I have ever experienced with MSFS. super reliable until now and these CTDs do seem to be limited stritctky to Vancouver intl. For me anyway.

See, I have CTDs all over Europe right now. Flying the US and Southamerica with no problems at all. I did everything to find the problem (uninstalled nearly every mod, livery and airport). The issue still exists. So I assume this time, it is an Asobo problem.

I think we need to be as specific as possible. For example, do people think they have seen a pattern with the CTDs ?
for example does it happen randomly, or whenever a handcrafted airport is involved, or some aircrafts or some area or anything else that might look like a pattern. Often when users say there is no pattern, when one asks if they avoid doing certain things or using certain aircraft etc, they realise that maybe there is some predictability.
To Asobo that would be the most valuable information.