Constant crashing

I have been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator until recently.
The game is starting to constantly crash and I have no idea what causes it.

It does not matter where in the game I am (Main menu, marketplace or in-flight), it just crashes to desktop without an error code. I have tried to reinstall the game but I had no luck.
All add-ons have been removed, so it would be easier to troubleshoot.

Any ideas?

Some of my PC specifications:

RTX 2070 SUPER (ROG Strix)
Intel i9-9900KF
32gb Corsair Vengeance RAM

There are quite a few threads on the forums where people are reporting crash to desktops and it seems there is no one single cause. Reports indicate that the ‘fix’ for one user doesn’t work for another user etc. Tracking down the cause is very time consuming. I suggest maybe using the forum search function to find other threads for this issue. If you wanted to be brave, even though it is time consuming, you could take the plunge and go ahead and reinstall windows. It might actually save you time in the long run. However, it doesn’t guarantee that it will solve your problem if the CTD is caused by hardware weaknesses (unlikely but possible) or driver issues.

To get you started, here are two links (Link1, Link2) to existing mega-threads about CTDs.

It would also be a good idea to check out the known issues post to see if you are affected by one of those.

For advanced troubleshooting, if none of the other fixes seem to work, then there may also be some useful information contained in this detailed thread: Community Troubleshooting Guide.

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