Constant CTD every flight now (ntdll.dll)

What server are you using please I’m in UK too?

That has since been updated. Not sure why you would see an out of date one. It was updated on 10/06, 12 days before that one expired.

Check Windows and MS Store for updates. Then restart your PC even if the updates say no restart is required.



Hello everyone,

Following our investigation, we are recommending you complete the below steps to resolve the ntdll.dll crash.

  1. Manually run Windows Update (Start → Check for updates) and install any available updates. (Note: there may be no updates available)
  2. Perform a full reboot of your PC (even if there were no updates detected in Step 1)
  3. Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator and test if you still get the ntdll.dll crash.

Some players who are reporting in this thread that the ntdll.dll crash now seems to be resolved may have already completed these steps.

Please note that this fix is specific to this particular CTD only and will not resolve any other crashes such as the “Memory could not be read” error. If you have been experiencing the ntdll.dll crash over the past few days, please try the above steps and report back in this forum topic if the crashing is now resolved or if you are still getting this CTD.



No idea sorry.Just loaded it up and flew as per normal.All live data is on.i see some have switched to other servers.I havent.No FPS drop evident.

That sounds like it might repair a corrupt ntdll.dll file, but not necessarily address how it became corrupted in the first place.

Fingers crossed all the same. :slight_smile:

Ok no problem, happy landings :+1:t2:

In case it helps I already had the latest Windows 11 updates since friday (OS 22000.856) and latest MS Store (gaming services, Xbox app, etc). The error already reproduced with all that updated. I have not seen any further update available during the last days.


I had an up to date Windows before and running an update check manually (right now) did not find anything to do. But I have the ntdll.dll crashes anyway. So I’ not sure if this is the main problem here.

(Sorry wasn’t meant for you Candy. Just a general response.)


Pmdg 737-800 won’t be causing problems because it’s not even released yet lol

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Well they always said one good magnetic storm could kill the real internet instantly, so maybe that was just a prelude of things to come…12/21/12 baby!!!

@seedy - I do these steps everyday. Didnt help over the weekend. Though it seems back to normal here currently. On both win 10 and win 11 running beta 10 on this system


I done the windows update yesterday there was nothing new but there has since been an update for Windows defender… May just help never know

Have you performed a full system restart?

Does this include optional updates I tend to ignore them like forever with no issues … this cant be the root cause but appreciate you guys are investigating it further.

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Optional updates shouldn’t matter, no.

We are fairly confident that this is, indeed, the root cause. We’re not 100% certain, though, so we appreciate everyone’s testing and reporting in this topic.

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Still going to cause problems because I have zero updates to windows since last week before this started to happen so that’s not a fix. My windows updated before the weekend and has had no more updates since last week to windows however the crashes started in the Friday and been checking for windows updates daily with no updates available. And yes have done restarts either side.

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Does windows update effectively do a “scannow”/repair windows command, whether there is anything to update or not?

I did W11 updates on 11/8 and 17/8.My first CTD with MSFS was on the 19th.Had 2 more then gave up until yesterday.

I’m just doing as per your possible fix now and doing a restart as it found something to download, off to work shortly for ~ 5 hours so will take off set a heading and see if I’m still in the sky when I return, fingers crossed

Thats my general procedure when firing up my machines every day, both win 10 and win 11. Only the usual sercurity update is all Ive seen .

Its actually running better now and seems to be back to normal us / east had 1 crash after a flight heading back to main menu, but had two more that were uneventful.

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