Constant CTD on LOLO with latest SU10 Beta

I just did my flight LEBR LERS again and I didn’t get a CTD.
I also think it’s a server problem.

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well i have had two CTDS today - going to try some other aircraft as it seemed to happen in juts one in two different locations

Yes, maybe it’s an server issue. I had the described scenery not loading also today … weirdly a sim restart solved the problem …

not entirely true. Lots of users failed to update their mods and they can cause numerous CTDs. In this case though, I believe it’s most likely server side this time around.

I have 1300 addons installed according to content manager (that includes all official content), being them airports, scenery, aircraft, textures, traffic, liveries, etc. So I think that´s a quite wide range of addon types from multiple developers as well. I started to face severe CTDs yesterday for the first time in 2022. I honestly think addons are responsible for the CTDs in maybe a 5% of the cases, just when they have a catastrophic design failure. If not I would be facing CTDs everyday for the past months, just by a matter of pure statistics. I doubt all are error free as of today, mainly because they are always updated after each new game release, not before, but game even works well using the beta and has done the same with the older versions during the past months. They are not the problem here and they are normally not the problem in most cases.

We have recently seen how a change in game core could produce a 68% increase in fps figures. Other changes improved or degraded smoothness. Other degrade performance. During whole beta I have tested game with the same huge amount of addons and very few got an update indeed. During that time I have seen the same improvements and degradations as most of the other PC users after each patch. Now we see how people on SU9 is getting CTDs as well as us when using beta. Game core and servers are the reason for most of the major changes in game, for the good and for the bad. This is my opinion at least after 2 years onboard and according to the results I see.


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I had the same Problem again with the latest SU10 Beta, however I now found the culprit in my case: The scenery dat files.
If I end up in the described situation with constant CTDs on certain airports, I can reproducible resolve the issue due to following steps:

  1. delete the scenery dat files (on steam version they can be found under C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\SceneryIndexes) or simply delete the whole SceneryIndexes directory
  2. remove the mods from the Community folder or simply rename the Community folder to something like Community_old
  3. Start MSFS and check if the default airport now loads → should load
  4. Exit MSFS
  5. reactivate the mods
  6. Start MSFS and check if the moded airport also works → in my case it always works again after this procedure.

I hope this can help others to solve similar issues.

Suggestion towards Asobo: perhaps the it is possible to delete the dat files per default so that they are forced to be rebuild?