Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports

Yup. Tried reinstalling the Airport part of FlyTampa’s Vegas Scenery. Instant CTD.

Absolute garbage that the only usability comes from the City part. FT has moved on to other projects (that i won’t be purchasing), so we can count on no fix.


I found this also “Microsoft Aware That Games Are Crashing With Recent Console Update” This is so frustrating. Not sure this was the actual reason of all my CTDs or it was msfs2020. Only 2 places i don’t get crashes are omdb and brisbane airport. I will test again when i feel ok.

Hi, Just got my first CTD after SU10 landed at Blackbushe and CTD. Had a quick flight from Wycombe Air Park to Oxford and again as soon as I touched down CTD. Question I would like to ask why was this not fixed with all that testing that was going on?

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This is now a messy issue that requires Asobo and third party developers to get together.

I would imagine that it’s part Asobo and part update by the developer now.

What does need to happen is addons that are not fit for purpose be pulled from the marketplace and either a time limit given to devs/Asobo for a fix or people can get their money back.

This is simply no longer on and I’m not going to let this rest. We need to gather as a community to get this sorted out once and for all and for both parties to take full responsibility.

This needs to be brought up in the next Q&A.


I can’t believe how amazing job Devs did with msfs2020 on xbox, no more stutters, amazing performance, butter smooth experience. Huge thanks for all the hard work. Sadly CTDs are still there. I am sure they are really busy with DLSS3 and some other important things, hopefully they will fix CTDs someday. I don’t want refunds anymore after seeing the fantastic work they did with performance. I can live with only Brisbane airport for now since no ctds there ever. Have a great day you all. Peace.

Edit: i saw sydney airport on new releases list today, YSSY. I realized i owned it, maybe i bought it on pc before i forgot. I installed it to test it and now i got my 1st ctd on YBBN Brisbane! It was the only airport not crashing for me. Are these ssd usage numbers are normal please? Imgur: The magic of the Internet 173gb msfs, 69gb reserved, 8gb cache. In content manager it says 24.53/187.16 gib space used. Somethings wrong with file system? Why i began to get ctds on ybbn all of a sudden after installing yssy?
Edit2: ctd on YSSY under 5mins while taxi to takeoff right now. / YBBN 15min test, takeoff and many 0.5sec freezes while trying to land back, it was close to ctd. / installed KLAS again, ctd under 10mins taxi to takeoff. 1 airport is barely working out of 17. Sad part msfs is extremely smooth and performing great now with su10. Clouds look fantastic, maybe they changed lighting also? Anyways

This is good news Request Microsoft/Asobo to revisit consumer rights on marketplace content - #116


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since su8 it is no longer possible to fully complete two flights on the xbox sx. Most of the time, the first flight that was planned completely using the map works without any problems. No matter whether third part add-ons are used or not. But as soon as the second flight is planned and started, a ctd is usually created in the cold and dark state by changing cameras

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try to plan two single flights in a row with the integrated map without restarting the game on the series x with su10

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Xbox Series X , Turtlebeach Velocity One ,
Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas ONE with Pedals,
Logitech G413 Keyboard , Logitech G602 Mouse ,
Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

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ctd when landing on third party airport , LFLL , LFBO …

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Exactly the main problem is starting the second flight. It is clear to me that the third part addons are usually the cause of a CTD, especially now shortly after the release of SU10. But apart from that I have seen this Bug very often with the standard content. I suspect it’s still related to the memory issue on the Xbox. This bug definitely needs to be pursued further


Agreed, SU10 has not been a very kind update. I use the console and have CTD on 90% of my flights, different aircraft, different times, etc. When (if) I do land I hit the battery button so to get credit in the log!

Why even bother starting a flight? As for addons and peripherals, that’s MS to check. I’m not doing QC for them, not after what I have paid.

I will probably just wait.


This is very odd because for many it’s working really well - mine has been the best it has been ever since SU10, I even bought my 1st plane and thats working too.

This disparity between users is very odd.

Hmmm, I have several planes that I’ve added, and seem to be having constant CTD issues with the Honda Jet (an add-on), the TBM-930 and the 787-10; both are Asobo’s. I fly these three the most.

May be the game and SU10 just can’t take that many add-ons. And the tof doesn’t really matter. Short hops of an hr in the HJ to major jumps in the 787 from CYYZ to KMAI yields similar CTDs.

Anyways, it is frustrating and can’t wait to hear something from Asobo b/c I am not alone on this one.


since SU 10 Ctds on all my third party airport add-on , i’m tired


I have a suggestion for the third party developers. With rampant CTDs on our Xboxes when using third party addons (even after SU10), might I suggest Lite versions of aircraft and airports like we had on FSX years ago for the PC. Maybe airport interiors could be omitted, aircraft cabins omitted, anything to stop the CTDs. As much as I want the WASM update and study level aircraft, I’m worried that it’s too much for the memory to handle.


Two more CTDs, completely new times.

Can’t wait to try it for the third time, not!

You can suggest it, but it’s their problem.

How do I go back to SU9?

I now even get black screens and CTD’s moments before landing with the STOCK Asobo A320, flying into STOCK airports. Go figure. Never had any black screens with that plane.

Hi Folks, you might have to bite the bullet and do what I did and scrap it all and reload things. BTW, the only airports that I installed were labelled Asobo or MS. So that leaves me with 11 things not installed; $$$$$.

Anyways, I have since had two flights, short hops again and I made it to the gate on one of them. The other was my own fault! Nevertheless, I guess we just have to introduce the extra add-on airports one at a time to see if there are any bugs. Either that, or just add the extra airport if you are flying to it and see what happens. I will try a longer jump later and try one of the stock planes. Keep your fingers crossed and Clear Skies!

Had two flights today and now a long one from CYVR to PHNL. Two planes, no CTDs, but like the previous 2 there is no ATC speaking (which is kind of a good thing, lol). I reintroduced the CYVR airport which was an add-on so will know later but it looks like the additional airports were the problem. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Wish us luck.

All good, enjoying the best of Hawaii!

Getting constant CTD’s with RDPRESETS LIRN naples on Xbox series X thats another 3rd party airport to avoid with your hard earned money folks.