Constant CTD’s on Xbox with 3rd Party Scenery & Airports

since SU 10 Ctds on all my third party airport add-on , i’m tired


I have a suggestion for the third party developers. With rampant CTDs on our Xboxes when using third party addons (even after SU10), might I suggest Lite versions of aircraft and airports like we had on FSX years ago for the PC. Maybe airport interiors could be omitted, aircraft cabins omitted, anything to stop the CTDs. As much as I want the WASM update and study level aircraft, I’m worried that it’s too much for the memory to handle.


Two more CTDs, completely new times.

Can’t wait to try it for the third time, not!

You can suggest it, but it’s their problem.

How do I go back to SU9?

I now even get black screens and CTD’s moments before landing with the STOCK Asobo A320, flying into STOCK airports. Go figure. Never had any black screens with that plane.

Hi Folks, you might have to bite the bullet and do what I did and scrap it all and reload things. BTW, the only airports that I installed were labelled Asobo or MS. So that leaves me with 11 things not installed; $$$$$.

Anyways, I have since had two flights, short hops again and I made it to the gate on one of them. The other was my own fault! Nevertheless, I guess we just have to introduce the extra add-on airports one at a time to see if there are any bugs. Either that, or just add the extra airport if you are flying to it and see what happens. I will try a longer jump later and try one of the stock planes. Keep your fingers crossed and Clear Skies!

Had two flights today and now a long one from CYVR to PHNL. Two planes, no CTDs, but like the previous 2 there is no ATC speaking (which is kind of a good thing, lol). I reintroduced the CYVR airport which was an add-on so will know later but it looks like the additional airports were the problem. :crossed_fingers:t3:

Wish us luck.

All good, enjoying the best of Hawaii!

Getting constant CTD’s with RDPRESETS LIRN naples on Xbox series X thats another 3rd party airport to avoid with your hard earned money folks.


I tried a short hop from CYYZ to CYXU in the TBM 930 and after introducing a couple of payware airports (London, ON, Tromso, Ottawa, ON), you guessed it, a CTD running into the gates at CYXU!

Looks like someone didn’t do their homework. Best if I leave out all payware airports until they have; my suggestion to others.

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Still dealing with constant CTDs. I opened a ticket on Zendesk to see if they’ll look into it, but they’re often slow to respond and they had me waiting for an entire month to see if SU10 was gonna fix it… Surpise! It didn’t.

I notice that several third party addons contribute to the issue, but ultimately it seems to be a memory issue with the sim itself, hence why some of Asobo’s handcrafted airports suffer from the same problems.

I’m fed up with the amount of time that’s going by without a fix, and I don’t see any indication that the devs are interested in fixing this any time soon. I’m nervous that eventually their support will throw in the towel and tell me that they can’t help anymore since CTDs only occur with any significant frequency in the presence of third party addons. I’m willing to fight them on that point, considering the fact that I’ve spent plenty of money on content from their marketplace, and I’d have to basically disable all of it or completely avoid the airports that I want to fly to in order to prevent CTDs.

Anybody have any ideas of how to get the devs to listen to us?


I have had much luck, despite my own piloting errors, and so far for Xbox series X it looks like uninstalling ALL the third party airports was what was needed. I fully understand that not all setups are the same and yes those who follow me will be out the $$$ of purchasing these airports but so far no CTDs and no other fixes. And I have flown different planes, third party as well, just none with the additional airports!

As I have said before, the homework was not done and it falls on us to post what works and what does not. This has worked for me.

When SU10 stable came out it seemingly fixed all the CTD’s I was experiencing with third party airports. Then the Canada update seemed to just completely reset everything.

Me too, and all the airports I purchased seemed to work fine for the WU; what was that about “homework?”

I have found that uninstalling virtually all of the content from the content manager, including most of the world updates, seems to work.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, this isn’t an acceptable solution. Asobo needs to fix this.

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Wow, that’s a lot of installs! Can you start with anything that is not Asobo or MS?

That works just fine too. Still, that isn’t an acceptable solution for me. I’ve purchased addons such as LVFR’s Static traffic and 4Simmers’ A320neo liveries. If I only wanted to use these two third party addons, the sim would CTD.

I’m not interested in flying to empty airports in an Airbus house livery, hence why I bought addons to make the sim feel more realistic. There are some third party addons that I absolutely won’t fly without. I bought them under the impression that they worked, as there’s no reason they shouldn’t. Of course, the problem isn’t with the third party addons. No particular addon is causing the CTD. The issue is that the sim gets overwhelmed when I try to run more than one or two marketplace addons at a relatively busy airport.

Why even have a marketplace if I can’t expect the addons I buy to work once I purchase more than one or two?

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I agree, my frustration with the game happened too until I read many sites and saw that the third party addon airports were the “data hogs” causing problems. I also just read that the new KLAX is giving a lot of grief to PC and Xbox players right now. You can try uninstalling the airports, like I did and keeping the Asobo and MS ones, and btw I also have Static Traffic installed; I have reduced two of the options on MSFS as suggested by others. In fact I had a flight yesterday with the Honda Jet, which is also a third party, to Salt Lake City and one this morning to Gatwick, and besides no taxi ribbon with the KSLC flight, no problems. I got to the gates both times.

All our setups are different, unfortunately, I just have had luck uninstalling these airports and no CTDs. I do have issues with the mouse and keyboard, which if anyone is reading along might suggest, but I can deal with those by simply unplugging them before flying and then plugging them back in.

Good luck and we will see what happens with the next update - who knows, may be they might get around to fixing the CN Tower, terrible! :see_no_evil:


I too have to unplug the keyboard and even my thrustmaster boeing yoke and pedals then replug to have them work on my xboxx . Ctd’s with most 3rd party airports but for some reason some work. Sure is frustrating to not be able to have a pleasant experience without having to mess around with everything.

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Installed the third party KLAS and KDEN airports and flew (or tried to) out of KLAS - 3 CTDs in a row. Uninstalled these airports and flew the same plane (787) and NO CTDs, hmmmm.

N=3, can do stats on that one, but it’s not worth it.

Just like I said all along, someone didn’t do their homework!