Constant CTD's after Jan 2022 update

Yes, but maybe it is generally a third party sound driver issue?


The problem is sometimes I can fly around 20 minutes and sometimes I even can’t load the game since the update.
Try several flights with different planes and you will see if it really runs stable now.
In the past there were so many “solutions” that did not solve the CTD problem. But with the latest update CTD is a bigger problem then it was before.
The joke is that I also tried Xbox today and I had no CTD. CTD on Xbox was my reason to change.:roll_eyes:

Thanks guys, disabling Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer seems to have fixed my CTD’s too.

I’ve been in FS hell since the update trying everything including a full reinstall of MSFS, I lost count of how many times it CTDed just while installing the Content Manager files.

I’m a happy bunny again now flying the virtual skies once again :slight_smile:


I got CTDs after 1 hour of airliner IFR flights before this patch and just now…

I was just recording with my phone the screen to show the FBW A320 CAT3 approach in a rainy weather to my (pilot) friend, after 1 hour of flight and behold, another CTD as I was getting closer to the runway…

Yes it is frustrating and no idea if it’s the sim / updates / patch or FBW update or some other addon loading or Win 10 or any metaphysical phenomenon causing this :slight_smile: yet I will need to promise myself and remember to not go ambitious with MSFS and avoid these airline simulation flights and stick to some VFR fun…

That is a good idea. It is for shure a solution for some users

additional we have here a list of known trouble maker tools ( at least which made trouble sometime ):

also note for all which needed to disable former nahimic service to get it work: a update re-enabled this service again, may check it.

PS: these list have to read in a bit “wide” range :slight_smile:

This fix has also worked for me, at least for two separate flights, second with Com Folder fully loaded. My PC has an Asus Rog Strix Z490-F motherboard. Like you say disabling the Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer seems to have fixed the CTD’s, at least for now.

Win10/settings/system/sound then lower down sound page click on Manage sound devices. Choose Speakers - then from drop down Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer DISABLE. Also choose Microphone - Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer. DISABLE.


Don’t know how you managed to sus this one out ShierLattice199 but I sure am grateful to you, thank you.

Hope this helps others too.

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trust me… that these asus sound tools ( also msi ) cause ctds is very old info/topic and I assume you will no longer get one because of these :slight_smile: … happy flight…

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Thanks a lot for pointing us in the right direction, info v much appreciated.

You are welcome
Well, my guess here is that I got lucky…
I do remember that I noticed this device a while ago in the windows taskbar by rightclicking on the speaker icon and thought ’ ***… how???’ but did not pay any further attention at that time, untill I ran into these constant CTD’s
In my 25 years of flightsimming, never ran into this kind of trouble though.
And it is possible that in future updates of this device, or in updates in the way windows OS deals with audio devices, or changes in the audio engine of the flightsim , this problem will go away

Very very glad it is sorted out.
Happy flying :smiley:

because these asus tools ( and horrible realtek drivers ) not exists 25years ago :rofl:

Yeh, … and the ironie is that I always use a dedicated soundcard.
Because I am interested in the buttkicker and follow the thread about it on this forum that I enabled the onboard sound device ( 2 sounddevices on 1 PC) a while ago.

Now I could kick my but … :rofl:

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I use the internal “card” and also external “cards” ( motu, steinberg ) to get more separate channels ( in and out )… Usually it works fine also in games. Also the internal card works in all case since we got while ago new sound-drivers for these realtek/avolute stuff. I never use these “best of” tools from mainboard-manufactors ( they should develop good hardware, but let the fingers from additional applications which often nobody need )

PS: long ago the ages of soundblaster :slight_smile:

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Could not agree with you more.
Still using SB soundcard here
But software gets outdated, new technologies introduced
That is part of evolution :smiley:

Here to report that it seems like the disabling of the Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer eliminated my CTDs after 2 frustrating months. Bloatware was the culprit after all, and I have no idea it installed itself

Ultra, 30FPS, disabled rolling cache, latest Nvidia drivers (RTX3080 OC model undervolted), XMP2, stock CPU speeds

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When I disable Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer I get a constant stuttering Sound…only in MSFS. It starts with the music in the loading screen and is still there during a flight. Has it something to do with NVIDIA High definition Audio?

For me, I ctd when I turn on the Battery in my plane. 4 hours before was all ok, but now, it‘s not working anymore.
Any news on the X-Plane 12 release? I am tired of spending my limited free time in anger with this constant problems. Every update needs fixes and follow up fixes.

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I was getting constant CTD’s so i dediced to reinstall windows> Now with a fresh install of everything and only MSFS instaled with latest bios and drivers I get CTD while changing keybindings and contoller setting. What on earth is going on??? what have we even paid for?

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this is what I allways do → manuall install :

I also have “High Def Audio device” in device manager “down”…

But not sure about your sound-stutters. It can be other reasons…

I don´t know why but stuttering is gone since I have changed audio device to headset and after that back to speakers…but thx.
And I really can´t believe it…no CTD for 1 hour with different planes and locations after disabling Sonic Studio Virtual Mixer. I have always searched for an App called Sonic Studio but couln´t find it though I thought I do not have this software. Is it possible to uninstall it or can we just disable it?