Constant CTDs with the CRJ 550?

What’s with this thing? Constant CTDs, all the time. Sometimes just while inputting a plan into the FMS. Removed all mods from the community folder, deleted rolling cache, etc.

I’m in VR on a Pimax 8kx. Anyone else have issues with this thing?

Not using VR, but have you tried a reinstall? Also try with this plane only in your community folder, you may have a conflict. Have you ever been able to use the plane? It’s been very stable, that is no CTD for me in the half dozen flights so far.

Just had my 5th CTD in 2 hours. Community folder is emptied, reinstalled and updated the CRJ. Now it keeps crashing in the same spot in my flight.

I am having CTD’s when using the 550 as well, even with it just sitting in the hangar. It seems to have begun doing this after I updated it yesterday.

Go to Options>General>Traffic & make sure that Traffic Variety is set to Ultra. This should resolve your CTDs.

Traffic was always on ultra.

I disabled the rolling cache and deleted the files, and that helped the stutters in VR tremendously. I then reinstalled MSFS and the CRJ. Did 2 flights last night, and no CTDs. I’ll continue to update, but my experience yesterday after a full reinstall was already far better than what I saw in the previous weeks.

Check your hardware:

  • disable all CPU overclocks
  • disable all GPU overclocks
  • make sure the CPU and RAM are seated properly
  • did you install the CPU yourself? are you sure the thermal paste is correct?
  • watch the temperature and power usage on the CPU during play; is everything within limits consistently?

Tried all of the above, not my first rodeo by any stretch. No similar issues with DCS or X-Plane.

CPU usage sits around 35% on the first 3 cores, locking MSFS to those cores had no effect. GPU usage runs high, but peaks did not coincide with crashes. All temps within normal range. i9 9900 KS, RTX 3090.

Windows event viewer always points to flightsimulator.exe

Just an update on this. I un-installed, then re-installed FS2020, and this seems to have completely solved my CTD issues. I’ve got about 8 hours on it with no CTDs.

CRJ 700 has crashed the only two times I’ve flown it after the last 1GB “hot fix”. Had no issues beforehand. I’d hate to re-sinstall the sim as this seems excessive after a patch and a single add-on. Perhaps it’s possible the aircraft is presenting issues with this patch?