Constant freezes and crashes

FS2020 runs for about 20 minutes then freezes and crashes on my brand new SurfaceBook3 laptop. Runs fine on my self built desktop running an i9.

Interesting - I’m also using a SB3 and I see random crashing to the desktop, what exception do you see in event viewer? I see a 0xc0000005 exception.

I also had two crashes in less than 20min gaming yesterday. I have a msi trident x plus running with i9 and rtx 2080ti …

@ClarkiusMaximu5 didn’t check the viewer event for my part

Some ideas for prevent that from the future?

Same for the freeze. I had no problem during Alpha or beta…

■■■■ sorry to hear you have the same problem.

Hoping for a fix ASAP

In big towns like New York city, the game constantly stutters and freezes.

Fixed my random but consistent crashes by disabling my GPU overclock in Afterburner. Not a single CTD since then.

So I check a few things on my system and I saw my feature updates was pending the Windows 10, version 2004 (I was on the 1903 version). I update it and as far from now (2h flying) no freezes or program crash.

Go check this feature if you had the same problem as I had.

Also my zoom and click board struggle sometimes, for a few minutes it disable those which is very annoying. Have you also notice that bug ?

Cheers and have a good flight