Constant issues with forced swerve after landing

I’m playing on the Xbox Series X.

The issue I am having is every single time I land my aircraft it immediately forces me either left or right.

When I come to a complete stop and apply parking brake and then remove the parking brake it continues to try and force me either left or right. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get to a gate or anything as it’s a constant fight with the controls.

I have tried several things such as turning all assists off. It is almost as if the plane is trying to “auto taxi” itself but to somewhere completely different.

I have tried every kind of flight plan, different airports. I have also tried landing at a completely random airport with no arrival destination and it does it. I’ve flown a journey entirely manually with no onboard AP etc.

The only time I’ve ever had it NOT happen is when I warped to final on my journey and it was smooth as butter.

Is anyone else have this forced movement issue?? Also I’d like to add that rudder, pitch, yaw and the yoke itself show NO movement when this is happening.

I’m using an Xbox controller in the Xbox series x.

Aircraft this happens in are as follows A320, B747, Boeing Dreamliner. (Have not tried others airliners such as Citation.

I have Same problem also on my seris s no matter what this happens to me also

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I dont know on the Xbox, but on the PC there’s a setting for auto rudder, (I would think there’s the same) this helps a lot, and most still use it otherwise you get the wild swings on take off roll, or landing.

The game give you no use of the rudders once u have landed it has to be a bug in the game everything us perfect in the game expect after I land then I’m plane go crazy

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I’ve been in my settings non stop I don’t see anything that can fix it even I auto pilot it doesn’t respond to the taxing

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Anyone figure this out? Super annoying!

What aircraft have you experienced this in?

Have this on PC ever since the service update. Using Thrustmaster HOTAS 4 and TM rudder pedals. This all worked fine previously. Now aircraft is difficult to control on the takeoff run and on landing it seems all rudder authority is lost and the aircraft veers off the runway. All assistance options are switched off so not a case of fighting the auto rudder. Sensitivity settings as previously.

I’m having the same issue. Have not been able to land and taxi properly yet. USing the controller and series X.

Same issue with me on all my planes. Is no one from Asobo listening in? All I see is more people reporting the problem with no answer from the developers that they are even paying attention. I use both MSFS and Xplane and the rudder controls work fine. Starting lean more to Xplane even though graphics are better on MSFS. I am a very new user of flight sim and am learning you have to pretty much be a computer programmer to make some of the FS’s work correctly. I do my research on various problems with both sims, as everyone seems to suggest no matter what the problem, but still get many different responses to confuse the matter even more. I guess welcome to the world of flight sims…

I had the same issue. I set all difficulty settings to hard. And when I set up a flight I only enter a departure airport and leave the arrival blank. So far this has worked fine.

Good advice. I think I set to “hard” which helped some but didn’t think about leaving off the arrival airport. Hope I can still get “credit” for my bush flights :wink: Thanks.

Yes, yes, yes the same exact thing is happening to me oh my god! I turned off auto take off and it worked. It seemed like my issue had gone away until I landed in Mexico City and the same issue occurred. As soon as the back wheels touch down my rudder is forced to the left or right and it’s impossible to control. This ultimately ruins the game for me since I can’t properly complete a flight. If you found the solution please help!

?? Have you figured it out!

Yes exactly! Tell me you found a solution!

I never experienced this problem except from yesterday, now identical to what is described by @Kachina1962 . Originally got the problem in the caravan, tested on the 172 as well, same case. Possibly after SU6… but you guys got it earlier !! No solutions yet?? Key board, joystick all give th3e same problem…

A friend of mine suggested that the problem here is in the mapping of your controller. Possibly corrupted. Suggestion was to clear all mappings to your controller and remap. In my case this did work… so far so good, yet to be tested fully.

How is your remapping of the controller working out? I have the same problem with the rudder!
How do you remap the contoller. Mine is a thrustmaster T16000M.

A similar situation happened after the last update. A cleaner solution is not re-mapping the controller, but resetting ‘Assisstance Options’. Go to "Assistance Options’ and turn all piloting options ‘off’, then the plane will not take over controls and behave with a mind of its own, but will be under your control. Play around with this…

This morning I took off and visited an airport with my Baron, three landings, taking off right away then returning to original airport and after two “go arounds” the last landing I went off the runway to the left!
The rudder goes full to the left and right but will not hold there, it slowly returns to center despite trying to hold full rudder.
I changed all assistance settings in ‘true to life’ Piloting Hard and all OFF and saved. The rudder action would not change, UNTIL I signed out of the program and restarted. Then the rudder control returned!
I hope it does not change. Will fly tomorrow and check.
This was also happening with the XCub and my Goose.